The Body Shop & the gang

it is not suitable to be called a review but i put it here somehow…


This not an advertisiment. I just want to share what I’ve really done with one particular brand or more.

I have been a loyal user of The Body Shop products for years. Why do I use The Body Shop? I choose The Body Shop because it offers products composedd of natural organic plants grown by natives all over the world.

My perfume is The Body Shop’s White Musk perfume oil. It is a kind of charm for myself. I am energized using it. I just have to put a drop of it on my palm and hmm… I enjoy its mild energizing fragrance the whole day long without disturbing others’ nostril because of strong or tantalizing scent.

I am also using The Body Shop’s Olive Dry Oil Mist after bath. It has no clear scent. It just leaves my skin moisturised. Italways becomes my favorite since the dry oil doesn’t make me worried of being oily.

For my lips, I keep The Body Shop’s Lip Gloss Dot/Gloss Brilliance 04. The color resembles my lips’ color so that I don’t have to worry about my being so bright on the lips every day. The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15 also alternately keeps my lips protected everyday without being afraid of looking so shiny.

To brush my teeth, I use Oral B toothbrush and apply Enzim non detergen toothpaste.

For my face I buy The Body Shop’s tea tree package. I wash my face once in two days and apply the mask once a week. But you know what? I don’t do it routinely so I have never finished the one package until now. But no worries… I can use it through the year. I never leave my The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Facial Blotting Tissues although I don’t always remember to blot my face 

For bathing I use The Body Shop’s Made with Passion and alternate it with K-Link’s Chlorophil shower gel and many other products of different brands.

For shampooing, I rarely use The Body Shop’s products. I only used The Body Shop’s once due to my hair unsolved problem (hair loss if the length reaches 50 cm). Frankly, I take care of my hairscalp with Selsun Yellow or Selsun Blue alternated with Fungasol-SS. In fact, I also comb my hair with The Body Shop’s FSC 100% SA-COC-1184 wood comb.

Once I recommended via sms that The Body Shop produce products made of virgin coconut oil. I am still looking forward to its materialization.

The Body Shop offers me various products that I can always obtain near my place. But you know what? I can’t buy it everytime I need them. Why? Because I don’t have that much money to always shop The Body Shop’s products every time I run out my items. I will buy them in discount except for certain reasons. I will buy them when my normal budget does not excel the top limit of the quarter’s.

Oh The Body Shop, I want to apply your products I want and need on me but I think I’ve got to cancel half of my wish. I will support your positive programs surely but please support me with your lowering prices he he he…

2 responses

  1. great… ! i really am interested on body shop as well .. not to mention im in far away cotabato…i really love to buy thier tea tree oil… do you know some online shop who sells one ? thanks…:) and healthy living..


  2. neuera23 said: great… ! i really am interested on body shop as well .. not to mention im in far away cotabato…i really love to buy thier tea tree oil… do you know some online shop who sells one ? thanks…:) and healthy living..

    Thank you…I have a contact in MUltiply that probably can cater your need. I myself prefer buying in The Body Shop store near my office… :-)Please check:


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