There is a time,
When you know something
And you have no choice but blank in silence….


I hugged Scooby, Skipper saw from behind…. Lovely besties šŸ™‚
Thanks to Miles for taking the pic.

Makati SRL – February 27, 2015 – 11:35pm


One Afternoon Of A Tortoise

In the pond of one botanical garden, Ms. Tortoise was enjoying a warm day – oops warm enough to call it hot and she so much wanted to emerge to the surface. Swam, swam and swam…. Diving to see if she could see other fellow swimmers Ā coming around. Oh, no one!


Ok, far ahead huge saucers are clustering. Maybe I can just perch for a while on one of them, thought Ms. Tortoise.


Swam, swam and swam…. Circling around some saucers which are actually leaves of water lily celebrating the sun ray.


Hop! Hop! Not easy for a tortoise to hop to something. Not easy, but doable. Yups!

Hmmm…. Ms. Tortoise saw on the leave wasn’t better than beneath the water. Ms. Tortoise decided to swim, swim, and swim away…. Enjoy the day! Ā šŸ™‚


SingaporeĀ – February 24, 2015 – 6:54pm

Truth – Real?

Through photography I learn a lot of things: how to focus – giving priority to eitherĀ colourĀ or shape, detail or wholeness, to be confident when taking pictures for often time the object is so weird people think photographer is crazy taking not so important things as interesting objects, how to take care of the camera and lenses and to review which photos should be saved or discarded….

In fact just this month I learned about one thing amazing through photography. Not found the lesson by myself but by listening to a young artist from Yogyakarta (Noe Sabrang of Letto). He talked about truth usingĀ photograph analogy. Won’t be accurately articulated but won’t deviate from his words:

When someone takes picture of a flower and the pic is blurred, is it a flower when s/he claims it’s a flower? Yes, it is but it is vague and some people will probably deny its being a flower.

When someone takes picture of a flower and the pic is just ok, is it a flower pic? Yes, it is and people might recognise it is a flower.

When someone takes picture of a flower and the pic is naturally looking like the real flower, is it a flower pic? Yes, it is and people recognise it and even get amazed with the beauty of the flower that might have not been realized before.

I think it isĀ smart of hisĀ stating the truth through what hasĀ not been used as analogy of truth before.

Then I took the analogy home…. I thought and reckoned and recounted and pondered then come to an awareness…

Even if the flower pic is so naturally taken and amazed the eyes of the spectators…. It is still not the real flower.

It is reflection of the real flower. Reflection of truth…. Why do people like claiming they’re true? šŸ™‚

Another lesson for me: truth discloses itselfĀ by time, piece by piece until it is crystal clear in the real shape and undeniable, human beings should just be patient.


Temasek – February 23, 2015 – 7:28pm


Certain loss should make you happy


Do you know that….

…. sometimes I think of a great loss of my hair that is not balanced with my weight loss. And, I think I am happier if the loss is the other way around. Ā  šŸ™‚


Singapore – February 19, 2015 – 7:00pm

Picture borrowed fromĀ

Silent Chinese New Year – 2015

Iā€™ve got a long weekend for Chinese New Year will fall on Friday and Saturday. And, ā€™ve got an even longer weekend since my company grant us two more days off on Monday and Tuesday so that Chinese colleagues can enjoy more time with their family. Six days! Thanks, Tim! Ā  šŸ™‚

Just goingĀ back to Jakarta last week to enjoy the Kenduri Cinta in Taman Ismail Marizuki so I decided not to go home to Indonesia this time with some reasons: expensive ticket, short period of holiday (inconsistent with my earlier statement that this weekend is long even very long weekend), time to contemplateā€¦.

Expensive ticket is a kind of trend. In holiday season many Singaporeans fly out. The bigger the demand, the higher the price. So be it. It might not be a problem because weĀ can buy economy seat or use frequent flyer points to get a ticket but it wonā€™t worth the time enjoyedā€¦. It is a long weekend indeed but my home is not around Jakarta anymore and so it takes longer travel time. Now I like going back to my momā€™s home where family reside including those cats that – I believe – miss me so much šŸ™‚

So, long weekend shortā€¦. And I want it to be a silent year start – Chinese year….

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 4.07.34 pm

Need a stationary time. Noble silence. No work, no chat, no talk, just me. Wonā€™t call it “me time” because it is not for me, it is for…. I don’t know whom it is for – I just wanna do it.Ā šŸ™‚

Noble silence and creative contemplation will be the properĀ terminology. Will beĀ enjoying the long weekend in this city country. Known already it’s gonna be short in feeling….

Equipped with a sketch book, a box of color pencils, photography tools and an EZ-link card Iā€™ll wander around this islandā€¦. And, see what I can generate at the end.


Singapore – February 18, 2015 – 3:51pm

Picture borrowed fromĀ

The Need of Grounding

When it feels like levitate, unrooted from the foundation…. This body invites to realize that these broken pieces need to beĀ collected for the thousandth time….

Keeping the matrix composed.


Temasek – February 16, 2015 0 4:51am

Exchanging Blessings With The Gentle Giants

I went to Oslob, Cebu, Philippines — for whale shark watching last week. Butanding is the local language for whale shark (Rhincodon Typus). I wanted to exchange blessings with them.

With Michelle and Jerry – a tour guide and a driver – I left Mactan at 5am.


Deciding not to plunge in to the water, I didn’t bring any swimsuit. Ok, a boat was rented….


The boatman is part of the conservation team…. See the T-shirt worn.


Many people already swam around something…. A group ofĀ butandingĀ enjoying their breakfast


The gentle giant was peeping below my boat. Please let me offer you my love, dear butanding….


Look at the spots on the body….


…. on the tail


He is deeply, seriously giving his blessings…. Or her blessings….


Blessings to the feeder on the boat….


To the onlookers on and beneath the water…..


And, to me….

Before I finally left the site, I put both my feet into the water and prayed in my heart, telling huge blessings then leaving them into the sea. Thank you, butanding…. For the blessings we exchange.

Singapore – February 15, 2015 – 4:48am

For more information about whale shark, please go to:

Maya, Anjing Yang Hepi

Lagi di Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines.

Seperti biasa ada asyiknya dan nggak asyiknya tiap travel. Enaknya ya jelas deh ketemu binatang-binatang yang tak kalah ramahnya dengan para manusia yang kutemui di Philippines. Filipino punya bakat ramah-tamah yang nggak kalah sama orang Indonesia, jadi nyaman-nyaman saja travel ke kepulauan ini. Kutegaskan kembali Filipino di Philippines ituĀ ramah , anjing-anjingnya hepi walauĀ nggakĀ semuaĀ bersih, banyak stray dogs berkeliaran dan tidakĀ adaĀ tukangĀ makanĀ Ā anjingĀ seperti di daerah-daerah di Indonesia.Ā SemogaĀ para pemakanĀ dan pemburu anjingĀ  diberi kesadaran oleh Semesta, berhenti memburu anjingĀ dan kembali ke jalan yang manusiawi.

Tuan rumah dengan keramahan sempurna tentunya bikin kerjaan lancar. Dan ketemu dengan Maya, anjing yang ditugaskan di gate area hotel, bikin perjalanan di Cebu lebihĀ enteng di batinā€¦. Ini anjing gede dan nature-nya gembira – aku panel ā€œMayaā€¦.” langsung lompat mau ngerangkulā€¦. Waduh rek, bukannya takut najisā€¦. Takut digigit doang.


lompat mau hugging

Ā IMG_0446

I love you, Maya but please don’t hug me. I’m afraid…. Then she behave šŸ™‚

Maya ini matanya katarak dua-duanya – curiga gw sih penyebabnya makanan karena Lorent di Makati juga matanya sakit karena makanan. So, tolong ya para pemelihara anjing beliin makanan yang nggak ada efek samping buruk untuk anjingnya. Teliti sebelum membeli.

Ada satu lagi anjing jantan namanya Bruce. Warnanya krem kayaknya sih herder juga. Cuma ketemu waktu tiba di hotel Minggu siang jadi nggakĀ sempat moto….

Jadi mereka ini berjaga di gate bergantian tiap 6 jam. Tugasnya mengendus trunk mobil yang masuk ke lingkungan hotel.

Aku tahu alangkah membosankannya pekerjaan itu makanya Maya melonjak gembira saat ada yang menyapa.

Semoga Maya, Bruce dan 5 anjing patrol lainnya sehat, kenyang dan hepi selaluā€¦ Lebih dari itu semoga banyak yang melimpahkan rasa sayangnya pada mereka. Aminā€¦.

Ayo sayangi anjing dan binatang lainnyaā€¦..

SRL Mactan, Cebu – 11 February, 2015 – 6:22 petang

About Morning Sun – Bromo

I took these pictures in Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia – my beloved country –Ā in August 2010. What a lovely morning it was. Hundreds of people were waiting for the the sun to rise. They came from all corners of the earth: different colours of skin and hair (and teeth I guess). But it didn’t matter; they all shared the same expectations and expressions. When the sun showed its face timidly yet gracefully, those folksĀ burst into happy laughter. Then they cheered, they clapped hands, they prayed, they cried, they smiled, they got amazed, they praised, they all emitted positive energy. Radiance is reflected through the eyes – either naked or behind glasses.

The next mornings in other places, we saw another sun rise but none of us laughed or cheered or clapped hands or prayed or cried or smiled or got amazed or praised…. Is it because we were not in Mount Bromo anymore? Probably. But most probably, we don’t always see the sun from the right angle. We see sun as just an object, a routine, just something but never a something….

People don’t really wait for the sun every morning for enjoyment. They wait for times to pass, just to kill it…. Second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year…. until the end is approaching and slowing down the time is possible no more.

Do I wait for time to pass? Or, to enjoy every hi from the morning sun? Hard to confess — because now I close my eyes when the sun is greeting.

bromo 063

bromo 064

bromo 072bromo 081

bromo 058

bromo 040bromo 054bromo 030bromo 032

Singapore – February 3, 2015 – 12:34am


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