Flesh – haiku

Red and white in one.

Would I think of pain and cry?

If they’re not mortal?

Bekasi to Jakarta highway

I saw an open car full of dogs, each of them in small cages. Some of them are barking, most of them lied down cramped inside the thin cages, some of them rested their heads on the cage walls. Not sure where they would be transported, maybe to Sumatra island – based on the car plate number which is BA. I know some people eat dog meat in my country and it is truly a horrible fact.

I hope they are not sent to the lapo (dogmeat stall). I hope they are alive and taken care of well with decent treatment. I feel they are at least HUNGRY and THIRSTY.

Fellow humans, please be human.

January 16, 2019 – on the way from Bekasi to Jakarta

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