I’m a human being, seeking for the core of my life through the journey to the self.

For time being I live in Singapore – at times I call it Temasek instead, I don’t know until when as I think this is the most suitable place for me now.

I used to write long but now my writings are becoming shorter and shorter then HAIKU is the best choice of mine. Sometimes I want to write longer but not long enough to take your 5 minutes; but every writing has taken a lot of effort to screen what’s the best word to describe my emotions.

I love animals but I don’t have any pets here. I can only feed strays met on the way to office – I hope someday I can help those strays better.

I love my job as it gives me free travelings and so much enrichment on my thought and spiritual life.




Please forgive me that there are so many I’s in this blog. Hope those I’s can be bright and sharp eyes.


Below is a picture of me and Lorent, a beagle (now retired) in Makati Shanri-La Hotel, Philippines. God bless you my dear Lorent…. ❤

me and Lorent

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