Dream Home (ranting)

Dream home, Beloved,
A place where nature meets hearts;
Hearts warmly greet souls—

The conversation with a long lost friend came to a topic of “where we want to live if ending living alone?”

Living in Singapore was never part of my dream. A visit in 2010 gave me impression that I would die of hunger in a week with Indonesia salary. 😁

Now this city is a lovely second home; my impression has changed. I won’t die because of hunger but I will die because of loneliness if I stay single retiring here. I still can’t find enough friends like those in home country. There are three but all of them will retire in Bali and New Zealand sooner than me.

Residing in a landed property where gardening and backyard dining is affordable is a preference, yet I don’t have the luxury of living in such place here. And I don’t want to die alone in a locked condo found rotten after days or even weeks. Oh God, please protect me from such horrible thing. Amen….

F: I’ve always wanted to live in Ubud and it will happen very soon. I’ll open a spa with all traditional herbal from all over Indonesia. I’ll quit my job soon. I want to live my own life as me, no one can tell me to do this and that anymore! No bloody politics anymore! Visit me often! You’ll find my spa super special! I’ll give you discount! Be a regular customer! Hey! You once wanted to live in Thailand?

Me: Someone informed me about a good property in low price near my favourite hotel in Ayutthaya. Yet Thai have controversial life style I’m not comfortable with in a way. I’m too simple, sometimes too honest and can be against those status-oriented that I might not be able to adapt well. Not a true dream! Hey! Actually love to live in Kyoto!

F: You’ll die in three months after you complete second round of shrine, temple and ancient house hopping! 😂

Me: Dying of walking! 😂

What a refreshing conversation! And yes, I’ll visit her spa soon! 😍

Lesson learnt: Will only live with those I love and loving me where home is a real feel. No excuse.

Salaam…. 💝

gebyok – the Javanese teak wood door symbolizing the host’s living in welfare, peace and harmony with nature 💝
angkul-angkul – the Balinese gate symbolizing warmth welcome to guests and privacy of the host at the same time 💝

Dirgahayu, Indonesiaku ke-77

Duhai, Indonesia. Serupa apapun engkau, kau adalah tempat lahirku. Walaupun saran dan nasehat bertaburan untuk menjadi pemegang status PR di rumah keduaku ini, aku tak goyah. Nggak papa…. PR atau bukan PR passport-ku tetap Indonesia. Hanya cinta dan hidup-mati saja yang boleh membuatku jadi PR atau pindah kewarganegaraan. Selain itu, no way!

Indonesiaku, terima-kasih telah menjadi tempat lahirku dan tempatku belajar hal-hal pokok untuk menjadi manusia utama. Kalau aku dilahirkan dan dibesarkan di negara lain, mungkin aku jadi orang yang bermewah-mewah dan tidak down to earth.

Indonesiaku, kemanapun aku pergi, kamulah darah yang mengalir di tubuh ini. Dimanapun aku tinggal, engkau tetap menjadi tujuan pertama pulang atau liburanku (ya setahun satu atau dua kali deh). Dengan siapapun aku bergaul, kamu tetap warna primerku.

Kecintaanku padamu bukan pada para pejabat buruk yang mengurusi ketatanegaraan. Kecintaanku tulus pada tanah, air, udara, rakyat dan makhluk di sekitarnnya.


what a coincidence! this number is really escorting me this year
didn’t attend this year’s flag-raising ceremony in the embassy because of this cute virus 💝 next year I will, bismillah!

Life As I Like It

Good life, Beloved
Surrounded by them most loved
In green serene air—


I like to tell some colleagues that I’ll be the host for our reunion dinner in my home 15 years from now. It must be a good time to talk about how we’re doing what we’re doing.

Though not soon, ‘m looking forward to a long life to make it happen.

See you in a green serene garden, fellas! 🥳

water, greenery, away from parties – life as I love it 💓 – one spot in Singapore Botanic Garden 😍

Temasek – Apr. 19, 2022 / 19:33

Batik Gringsing

Time travels with you
To where good memories sit,
Waiting to rejoice.


When I was a girl, I got sick very often. Yet what I remember the most isn’t the pain but is how my family would take care of me. Of course they medically treated me either at home or hospitalised, but there was a unique way I can never forget what my mother, father and siblings did extra.

My father would chant Javanese mantra that would calm me down. My mother would wrap me with a sheet of batik cloth before putting the next thicker blanket. And of course siblings especially sisters would sleep with me the whole night.

What Javanese mantra chanted by father? Oh can’t remember! What batik, I definitely remember it and now own it for the same need; covering myself with batik gringsing when sick.

1.2mx2.3m batik cloth with gringsing background pattern of flower bouquets

Gringsing is one of the oldest batik background patterns in Java. It is thousands of tiny square with a dot in the center symbolising “sedulur papat kalima pancer” (literally means 4 siblings and 1 core as the fifth) the cosmic balance of human reality in Javanese wisdom. And through the philosophy it is believed that when a Javanese human is sick, s/he is cosmically imbalanced and needs to be balanced. Physically s/he is medically treated, metaphysically s/he is cured with gringsing the balance symbol.

Gringsing is an acronym of gring or gering (sick, not well, ill) and sing (not); gringsing means not sick anymore. Oh! That simple! Made by hand! Oh! Not that simple!

What a blessed human being!

wrapping body when catching fever doesn’t replace paracetamol, it’s to recall the memory of how my family well treated me when I was sick 🥰
detail of gringsing: a tiny squarish scale with a dot in the center – sedulur 4 ka-5 pancer


After the moon? No.
The sun is where this heart walks
With rain that visits.


Chasing what’s not clear and uncertain was an exciting thing for the hot-blooded. Dark, shadowy picture of what she once imagined has started fading away. The moon’s shift is over.

Walking in this forest, the leaves has rekindled her faith that rain is paying a short visit. When the rain stops, she will again realise that her heart is always enveloped in the warmth of clarity.

Sunbeam always opens a new chapter in which sunshine will take over what’s mysterious and frightening. Light will help her eyes see things the way they are, no assumption, no prejudice. It is what it is.

When she reaches the edge of the forest, she will step on a meadow where the moon is again sending shadow but this time there is no mystery anymore.

All is clear. All is well. What it takes is just counting the milestones and blessing all that are sensed.

May all beings be happy.

take the bent road or go ahead? your choice, the sun will guide you 🧭

Kebun Raya Purwodadi

Fish Of Murky Water

Murky, Beloved,
That pool’s full of mud and smell.
Enough to kill fish—


There is a proverb in Indonesian “ada udang di balik batu” literally “there are shrimps behind the rocks” that means there is a hidden (fishy) agenda.

I’ve received some invites from “unclear” people in Instagram, most are men that I believe scammers trying to lure a victim whatever they are aiming at from me; maybe as simple as attention or most probably money. And how did I feel? Disturbed? Not at all. Scammers are equivalent with friends with hidden (fishy) agenda— they are sources of entertainment either directly connected or just ignored.

God bless you all scammers. You’ll find a way to get a big money with your work, plus the logical consequences but not from me.

May all beings be happy.

barbecued pomfret – finally the fish (not from murky water) was served after some situational vegetarian period 🥰
sambal dabu-dabu, a specialty from Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia – I can never finish the archipelago culinary experience 🥰

The Estuary

Rivers change their flows,
Meet salt, join tides, become sea
In an estuary.


Eyes are a lagoon where tears are gliding through to the ocean of realities before evaporating then giving up what’s not serving anymore and turning grief into spirit to achieve the next milestones.

Soul is what’s peeping out through two windows, zooming in and out of what life presents to the self, finding the best view with accuracy and precision to gain clarity.

There won’t be anything wasted. All is flowing, without stopping. Like rivers that keep moving from soft to fast flows before finally joining a vast ever-moving force named the sea.

May all beings be happy. 💝

an estuary in Sempu Island, East Java – a hidden gem, hope it stays (relatively) hidden 💝

Moment To Simply Live

Life pace, Beloved
Chosen wisdom, loved glory
Of everyday life—


I wish to retire at 52 and will be a person with not too many layers of identity, being a human being living a slower-paced life, contributing to smaller society and community with my own hands with all my heart and soul, respected as I am I am not as I am who is associated to prominent organizations.

One of good friends reminded me to get prepared for that will definitely be a much different life. There won’t be luxurious facilities enjoyed, privilege given, smiles and hand shake or bow. She says it’s gonna be a true life though loved and respected by those with genuine love and respect. No transactional courtesy, all is about friendship and humanity.

When? Still long time to go but short enough because now I live in a fast-paced life.

Time to prepare.

Once retired, I won’t want to be in contact with those who have respected me because of business or money. They should be eliminated from friendship. They will deserve others who have the capacity.

May all beings be happy. 💝

next one week flower arrangement
enjoy the moment
extended appreciation to those in my heart
someday flowers will be daily life for me, not weekly anymore


Breathing, Beloved,
Circulating to balance—
Inhale the laughter,
Exhale the wisdom. Or else,
Wise in, laugh out. Life is full.


This weekend is laundry session accompanied by a marathon of Indonesian comedy films closed with a documentary, Semesta from Tanakhir Film.

She won’t survive without laughing and will rot faster without contemplating; or the other way around.

How would she not be grateful with both accessible?

Welcome, a new week.


Good vibes, Beloved,
Contagious and precious
Keep it the longest.


Years ago….. One teacher said “You do whatever you want to, but make sure what you do doesn’t harm….” Impatiently student asked,”Harmful to whom?” Teacher didn’t say anything, just pointed to one’s chest then head, and said “Go play and don’t harm yourself or your friends. Have fun, you’re good. You’re good, my child,”

Another teacher would just sang some traditional songs then explained the meaning that were full of wisdom when asked questions. Those silly children would ask so many questions about why religions were many and different, how many gods were there, why the teacher didn’t have religion, why, why, why…..

Another teacher just asked us to eat what one was cooking when we asked questions. We just did and enjoyed the food. It happened when our questions were about what Mr A or Mrs B did this and that for.

More teachers, more experiences…. And we all grew up becoming human beings who approach different things differently or sometimes uniquely although sometimes confusedly. How challenging life is sometimes!

All those learnings happened in the Wonderland! I hope the young get honourable and good teachers as we did before and even better so they build our land into real wonder! Not the most developed in infrastructure, yet with the most developed clear thinking. Not the most modern, yet the most dignified. Not the richest, yet the most caring and loving to the people. What a dream!

God bless my dear Indonesia and what’s in it. 💝

Independence Day

Freedom, Beloved,
Inner beauty blooms in time.
True celebration—


Celebration is a blessings enjoyed everyday. Celebrating health. Celebrating welfare. Celebrating family. Celebrating friendship. Celebrating breath. Celebrating greenery…… Celebrating anything I want to celebrate.

Celebrating stupid chats with some good friends. 😁

I love celebration in which commemoration is the core but never ever enjoy party in which entertainment is the core.

August is major celebration after September. In August two home countries celebrate their independence: Indonesia on 17, Singapura on 9. Both have unique ways to celebrate the days. For the past nine years on Singapura’s I’ve personally loved seeing all the flags hanging in apartments and along streets, in Indonesia’s except last and this years I’ve gone to the Embassy for flag ceremony combined with meeting with other Indonesians enjoying the precious moment together.

Happy National Day, Singapura! Thanks for taking care of me.

Dirgahayu Indonesiaku! How much ever the distance between us, you’re always in this heart. Thanks for gushing me some blood of great archipelago.

May all beings be happy.

flowers for celebrations of August

red, white on green

Thumbs Up To The Young!

What about now, Love?
Now’s the time. Maybe no later—
Happiness can’t wait.


There is moment for every experience, there is expiry date for every life.

Young people, be vibrant, idealistic and fiery.

Grab the chance to be the agent of change! Change all the dead skin! Don’t change the sacred soul!

Young generation, you’re just gorgeous! Very much thankful to be young before and still feeling the vibe until now through all what I see in you!

I never regret of getting older every day ‘coz when I was young, I was on the side of those needing the loudest voice!

May all beings be happy. 💞

Heaven Is Where?

Where are you now, Love?
Home is around the corner.
Turn right and be there.

One of good friends sent her work of art, compiling her memories of Sulawesi trips into a sweet calling-home clip.

Thank you, Mbak Adek for reminding me that I’ve got home, a beautiful one. A beautiful home is a heaven on earth and in heart.

Home is where heaven is. Good friends make you realise that it’s real!


This video was produced by Adek Azhar. She is a cat lover, a happy mother and grandmother, a good friend, a crazy traveler, a senior journalist as best description of her. Can’t wait to travel with her after pandemic in our small group of awkward travelers! 💞

Who Is Your Best Friend?

Who is your best friend?
MacBook, iPad or iPhone?
Internet it is!

I can’t deny my % of interaction with outside of my body recently is through machines activated by Internet. Hope 2021 will bring the “real life” back to normal: when I do the job normally meeting people kindly at the same time evaluating honestly, when I can travel to home country to meet good friends and to favourite countries to absorb good energy, when I can smile to others without waving hand because of wearing face mask, when eating out is not limited except by the operation hours not by physical distancing, when things are natural.

‘m still happy though as Life has given so big a gift every now and then. I have family who love me and friends who accompany me in high and low. I work in a company that takes care of me very very well. All with the Beloved’s bless and love

So, I am still ok to be MacBooks, iPad and iPhone’s best friend for the next some months.

May all beings be happy.

Time’s Bringing Good Acts – haiku

Time’s bringing good acts.
Places add good vibes to it.
How I miss your peace.

Singapore – May 25, 2020 / 22:29


I miss two places the most right now: Bali and Ayutthaya. Once this circuit breaker is exited, those two will be my destination.

May all beings be happy.


Ketika Semua Bersahabat

Ketika saya kecil persahabatan begitu biasa terjalin, seperti bukan sesuatu yang suit dijalankan. Semua orang adalah sahabat, teman seperjalanan. Tak banyak musuh, bahkan kepelikan perasaaan terhadap orang yang perbuatannya dianggap menyakiti hati hanya berlangsung sesaat, kemudian berteman kembali.

Tidak hanya itu, dengan binatang pun persahabatan juga biasa. Anjing, kucing, ayam, menthok, marmut, kelinci, monyet, wedhus, sapi, kebo, jaran, iwak, macan rembah, luwak, gajah, macan belang, kidang, celeng, dan lain-lain semua berkeliaran di habitatnya tanpa manusia tergoda untuk menggangu kedamaian mereka hidup seadanya dari belas-kasih khalifah di bumi, manusia. Hanya kadang saja ketika alam ini telah mengijinkan maka beberapa dari para binatang yang sudah “cukup umur” itu diminta untuk menyumbangkan usia keberkahannya — buat acara selamatan yang tak sering terjadi.

Tapi sekarang….. Alangkah beratnya menjalin pertemanan. Sedikit terpeleset saja membuat status di FB, BB atau posting di blog, bisa-bisa di-block  dari posting-posting tertentu atau dari lamannya atau bahkan dari melihatnya sama sekali. Itulah dunia maya, harus penuh dengan kehati-hatian dalam mengekspresikan diri. Jika salah sedikit dan pas dilihat oleh hati yang sedang sensi maka akan runyam. Ya sudah lah.

Dalam dunia nyata juga…. Kalau tidak hati-hati berstrategi dalam berkomunikasi bisa-bisa disalahpahami juga. Hidup ini memang penuh lika-liku pelajaran.

Dan, binatang pun mendapat imbasnya. Manusia yang semakin hari semakin egos ternyata juga menjadi tidak hanya tidak percaya pada sesamanya akan tetapi juga pada binatang yang tak berdaya. Binatang sudah jadi alat bagi manusia untuk memperkaya diri, tidak hanya mensejahterakan diri saja. Mereka memakan anjing, ular, bahkan kucing, ayam tiap hari, babi tiap hari…. Wis pokoknya makan protein hewani itu wajib hukumnya supaya energinya cukup. Dan eksploitasi pada binatang juga banyakt erjadi. Banyak — dan saya nggak punya nyali untuk menceritakannya di sini. Animal abuse is just everywhere!

Byuh…..  Pergeseran budaya. Dulu makan daging hanya pada saat-saat tertentu saja, sekarang pagi siang sore bisa makan. Dulu gajah paling pol disuruh main acrobat — which is udah agar eksploitasi sebenernya — tapi sekarang gajah dijerat, disandera biar bisa minta ransom duit ke pemerintah; kalau enggak ya dibiarin tanpa makan mati kelaparan atau bahkan diracun. Manusia keparat!

Duit, duit, duit!

Duit penting, kalau nggak ada suit ya nggak bisa fully settled jaman sekarang apalagi di kota besar. Otak manusia udah diokupasi oleh industrialisasi, semua maunya disulap jadi duit.

Industrialisasi ini telah terbukti membuat manusia telah lupa bahwa bumi ini bukan hanya untuk dihabiskan melainkan lebih dari itu untuk disejahterakan, dipelihara kemudian nantinya akan dipersembahkan kepada “yang nitip” dalam keadaan paling tidak sama indahnya seperti dulu.

Kalau saja bisa kupeluk orang-orang malang itu dan binatang-binatang malang itu — yang telah menjadi alat politic dari para manusia yang perutnya nggak selesai-selesai teriak “more, more more” kecuali udah dibantalin dempu (bola dari tanah), akan kulakukan dengan tanganku tidak hanya dengan jiwaku…. Kusebarkan energy cintaku pada kalian, bola pink penuh cinta mengitari semesta!!!

Duh gustiku…. Sayangilah kami….


Makati SRL, 1117 – November 26, 2014 – 1:04am



Harapan pada ibu pertiwi

Mengabdi demi harapan pada ibu pertiwi

Rengkuhan ibu pertiwi, merengkuh ibu pertiwi

Di pangkuan ibu pertiwi jiwaku terlahir kembali

Kembali, kembali dan lagi…. Setelah mengembara di antaranya.

Lindungi ibu pertiwi dari dahaga dan derita

Ibu pertiwi melindungi jiwa-jiwa yang singgah tiada akhir —

Berjuta-juta tahun cahaya panjangnya.

Tahun ini

Ibu pertiwi menyewakan tempat lagi bagi pesta-pora

Pesta-pora pengundang mara-bahaya….

Masih sanggupkah wahai, Ibu Pertiwi?




Sudah saatnya

Harapan para ksatria merengkuhmu terlaksana.

Grand Hyatt Jakarta – 1 Mei 2014 – 9:18 malam



Tanggal 2 Oktober telah ditetapkan sebagai Hari Batik oleh pemerintah setelah UNESCO mengukuhkan batik kita sebagai kekayaan dunia dan seyogyanya kita menyokongnya dengan suka cita. Masih teringat bagaimana hingar-bingar pecinta batik kita berjuang dengan cara mereka sendiri ketika Malaysia mengklaim batik sebagai milik mereka.

Sekilas tentang batik
Batik adalah metode pembentukan motif pada media tertentu – awalnya hanya kain mori lalu berkembang hingga sekarang batik dapat diterapkan pada kulit, kayu, dll – dengan cara menutup bagian tertentu dengan lilin (malam) sebelum proses pewarnaan dilakukan. Awalnya batik memiliki motif tertentu yang dihubungkan dengan proses kontemplasi seniman batik pada jamannya yang biasanya menciptakan karyanya untuk kebutuhan kraton mengingat dulunya batik hanya bisa dijangkau oleh kaum ningrat. Maka terciptalah motif-motif batik seperti Wahyu Tumurun, Kawung, Klithik, Sido Mukti, Parang dengan berbagai variannya, Mega Mendung dll. Semua yang saya sebutkan adalah “batik pakem”
Di negeri kita ini hampir semua daerah utama memiliki batik dengan ciri khas tersendiri walaupun secara umum batik dibagi 2 kelompok besar: batik pesisiran (daerah pinggir laut) dan batik Jogja-Solo (pedalaman). Dua kelompok besar ini membuat khazanah batik Indonesia menjadi kaya luar biasa. Batik pesisiran biasanya menggunakan warna-warna terang dan aplikasi motif yang lebih ringan dan ceria serta menggambarkan objek secara gamblang dan nyata sedangkan batik pedalaman lebih didominasi oleh lebih banyak warna gelap yang lazim disebut sogan (coklat, hitam, kelabu) dan penggambaran objeknya lebih abstrak dan penuh simbol.

Batik Cirebonan adalah contoh batik pesisiran yang paling memasyarakat saat ini. Dengan warna yang gonjrengnya batik Cirebonan mampu menyelinap ke dalam hati para penggemar instan karena memungkinkan mereka untuk bergaya dengan batik secara lebih mudah. Ciri khas batik Cirebonan juga terletak pada objeknya: tanaman, burung-burung, langit berarak, matahari, dll dan satu lagi yaitu “tumpal”. Tumpal adalah aplikasi motif penyelaras di ujung kanan atau kiri kain yang biasanya diletakkan di depan ketika batik dipakai sebagai sarung.

Batik pedalaman atau Jogja-Solo lebih banyak bermain dengan simbol dan pemaparan ide secara abstrak dan mengedepankan kesan sakral dalam setiap motif pakemnya. Misalnya “jarik” Sido Mukti adalah ekspresi doa kebahagiaan, kemakmuran dan kelanggengan desainernya sehingga dipakailah batik ini sebagai salah satu pakaian pengantin. Sebaliknya batik bermotif Parang tidak direkomendasikan dikenakan dalam prosesi itu.

Proses dalam membatik
– memilih media
– memilih motif
– menggambar motif (mola)
– membatik (menutup bagian dengan lilin sesuai pola)
– mewarnai (nyelup)
– membuang lilin (nglorot) dengan cara merebus kain yang telah dicelup
– mengeringkan
– membersihkan batik dari sisa-sisa lilin yang menempel

Tidak terlalu sulit bukan? Tidak ada salahnya jika kita mau mencoba. Kalau ada waktu, silakan kunjungi Musium Tekstil di Jl. Karel Sasuit Tubun, Jakarta yang mengadakan kursus batik secara reguler. Anda akan bertemu dengan para seniman dan instruktur yang dengan suka rela berbagi ilmu, pengalaman dan kecintaan budaya.

Banyak istilah dalam dunia perbatikan yang mungkin tidak terlalu dikenal secara luas misalnya isen, semen, nitik, nyolet, dll. Namun itu bukan hal yang urgent bagi kita untuk mengetahuinya. Untuk saat ini mari kita mencintai dulu batik kita dengan cara memakainya baik setiap hari maupun pada acara-acara tertentu saja.

Kiranya tulisanku di Hari Batik ini cukuplah untuk memberikan penghargaan pada batik dan pelestarinya serta membagi sedikit pengetahuan bermanfaat.

Selamat Hari Batik
Mari pakai batik paling tidak sekali seumur hidup 🙂

Otw Blok M di Ekspres MC2636 – 7:45 pagi