All in Store

After a long pause,
Waves of time now delivers
Pretty joy in store.

How should she welcome
A guest that greets with surprise?
A sweet smile in store—


buds of secundum are welcoming with joy

Surprisingly Survives

Said she
Showing the hopeless
Survival is about adaptability
Welcomed by nature,
Approved by resolution,
Driven by muscles,
Enjoyed by senses.
I’m gonna be yellow!


can you see the spike of oncidium (must be yellow) at the left? i saw it when sitting on the toilet enjoying my good time 😀— suddenly the beauty struck me! 😍 thank you! 🙏🏼 i’ll be patient waiting for you to bloom 💛

she used to be one of balcony gang members and was about to pass as the original media (wood bark and charcoal) started decaying; her new home is now shower room in a glass flower vase; media is sponge, charcoal and water 😍

Faded Away

The longing has gone
Too far left by trueness.
No plate is prepared,
No wish is grown,
No intelligence is to decipher message
As heart is numb by laughter
And ridicule.
No number symbolises,
No alphabet pronounces,
All are faded away.
There’s only mine on its way.
Bring it fly
To where it roots beauty,
Peace and eternity.

Only love remains
For the journey
That appreciates
Not a point
That fades away.


i’ve met dandelions in many different spots; all of them are blooming new dreams, totally new, leaving the blur ones — prayer heard and soon coming true 💝

Grown Blessing

All are grown blessing,
Making days more radiant
Without prejudice.


Flowers don’t envy others just because of colours, shapes, fragrance and/or sizes. They just bloom without prejudice blessing whoever seeing, smelling, touching, feeling, listening to the description.

Be blessed by flowers even those of grasses.



gerbera, ranunculus and the gang 💝







A Gift

What gift is not wrapped?
Blooming flowers in April.
Warm and colourful—


she is sitting next to the shower so she is generously bathed twice a day

balcony gang 💝 watered once in three days plus some blessings from the rain

at the corner of the shower room, behind the glass door so she doesn’t bath too often 😎 but still blooming 💝


A window shows some
What’s in both sides with freshness
Hidden by curtains.

Let’s refresh. Refresh. Refresh.


celebration of freshness through centrepiece of orange and yellow
orange lily
yellow gerbera
orangish red or reddish orange gerbera
what is it? cute beauty!
another cute beauty 😁

Sweet Surprises

Sweet surprises march
Silently following a season
Bringing colours to the sight.
Don’t hold breath,
They stay quite long
To give more space
For wow! and whoa!

I think I don’t give my orchids enough attention that I always see the bud rather late— only when they are long enough to stand out.


And thanks much! for giving me surprises after several years not blooming.


i guess she is pink
i guess she is yellow
i guess she is purplish white


Colours, hues, shades, tints
In a garden strike the eyes
Wandering within.

I am on an emergency short leave to visit my mother as my mother is sick. A sister called saying “she doesn’t want to eat”, “she can’t sleep well”, “she doesn’t want to visit her doctor”, “she thinks it is her time”, blahblahblah…. Alamak! Although sometimes we think she can be a drama queen, we start to think seriously when she can’t sleep well.

The second day of my visit she already watered her plants that line along my sister’s narrow garden. She sang along while walking in her house. She ate one big chunk of fast food’s fried chicken that my nephews insisted taken away for her. She has been back to her nature after meeting her children and grandchildren whom she missed who are now laughing with her at every breakfast, lunch and dinner time.

This morning she happily greeted the newspaper lady delivering her favourite “Jawa Pos”, the lady said “good morning, Ibu, you look radiant again”. She also had a short chat with her front neighbour about rain, cats and plants.

I think sometimes you just need to meet someone to be healthy. 💗

Yesterday morning I joined her watering the plants and took pictures of some of the blooms that have always made us all smile.


java tea — we call it “kumis kucing” here
jasmine sambac, everlasting fragrance — her favourite
zinnia, the humble beauty
white bougainvillea, the tough beauty
orchids at the left side of the gate — “your sister is a good gardener, she has made your orchids happily bloom!” she said
the one at the other side
the one squeezed between leaves

Pink Roses

Pink roses in a vase welcome seven cold guests, turning them to smiles.

an innocent staff put these roses in a vase to welcome us; she said the roses were grown in the dorm garden, which we found true; what a sweet gesture 💝 (Nagano, 2014) — we should have smiled more widely to her 😁 see you again this year

Ode to Day

Dear, day.
Do you know that I never stop waiting for you?
When my watch ticks a second,
My heart drips a note,
My pulse vibrates softly,
I know I am closer to you.

Dear, day.
Do you know that every part of you blesses me?
When morning breaks,
Noon flares,
Dusk fades to night,
I know the next you is waiting
For me.

Day oh day
Many I can’t understand,
Much I can’t decipher,
Little I can see,
Very few I can give
Yet I still hope
To meet you again.

Dear, day.
How I am blessed with family,
Gifted with friends,
Sufficed with this self,
You are still the one
Sung by this heart.
All have been today
And never faded away.

I am blessed, day
With another you
In the best way.

And for you
I am grateful.

as dark as serene night
as shadowy as calm dusk
as bright as each and every morning
she is well protected under the shade of glorious sunflowers 💝
dear sunflower 💕
and the white drops of details
when all glass vases are prioritised for orchid roots, fondue pot be today’s best choice 💝
all must be got rid of in order for the flower arrangement to get a spacious and “clean” background — there is always thing to prioritise; if it is not you, don’t feel bad — it’s just like that everyday so just be blessed with becoming either 0 or 1 in this binary world 💕


In a bright corner she’s seen. The sun sends her light reflecting bright life.

this is more than enough to put me in a good mood after a long trip; she delivers a stem of buds after moved to a corner where sun greets her directly — thank you!


Love celebrates all seasons
Cycle by cycle.

finally got pink lilies; back light makes it darkly perfect 💝
have a nice weekend from pink lilies 🙂
all about perspective; seeing absence as a potential is like a bud of lily before opening the petals happily, even like a bulb of lily before springing before the winter is spinning away


Continue blooming. Time brings seasons and moments unwrapping secrets.

The best secrets are those explained by the beauty of silence of the blooming orchids. Thank you, Gusti Allah for all your love and guidance. I’ll keep all secrets secret like I take care of all my beloved orchids. I’ll keep all love love like I take care of my own self.


thank you again and again and again 💝
thank you again and again and again 💝