Bi’rsweet, Beloved,
The way perfect life tastes;
Subtle craftsmanship—

It takes high skill to blend tastes. It takes perfect acceptance to enjoy the concoction presented; otherwise, just go fasting. 🙂

Welcome new week.

perfect life in a cup of coffee – bitter sweet
perfect life in a plate of kunefeh – “gurih” sweet 😄

Feel Good

Say hi, Beloved,
To those making you feel good.
Life is abundant.

When very good plan and very bad weather collide, it takes just a breath to be back to feeling good mode.

Life is too abundant to consider a lost day a loss.

hi, colibri! (RC Gorman’s)


Orange, Beloved,
Mixture of red and yellow;
Calmly encouraged

Orange is the color of joy and creativity. Orange promotes a sense of general wellness and emotional energy that should be shared, such as compassion, passion, and warmth. Orange will help a person recover from disappointments, a wounded heart, or a blow to one’s pride. (excerpted from BournCreative)

Thanks for today.


RC Gorman’s “Woman with Oranges”


Nocturne, Beloved,
Desert at velvety nights;
Her hair is waving,
Where pitch and rhythm dangle
Sprinkling tones of a warm heart

Night is a sweet shelter that never complains whether I snore or sing or cry or laugh or play or work or just sit on the window nook.


RC Gorman’s Nocturne


Equal, Beloved,
Weighing process and result
To find the unknown

Some Math teachers would be very particular about whether 6 is 3×2 (2+2+2) or 2×3 (3+3) in students’ homework. Conceptually mathematicians consider those two operations different. Yet to me as long as we find the solution, why catch a bullet and die?


which one is more important: 1+1 or 2 or the =


Align, Beloved.
Don’t let conditions rule you.
That feel good is good!

Feeling good is good. Feel good from morning wake-up until night dose-off.

Thank you!

allergy won’t stop me from messily crushing the yummy mango salad – not the bottom-dweller though #eeekkk 🥺


Garden, Beloved,
Where word playful finds its vibe;
The world as it does—

It’s been either raining or working for the past two weeks and I haven’t gone biking or walking again. How I miss seeing the children play as if only game is there in life, adults jog or walk racing with the wind to get rid of fat, elderly chat as if only words can extend their life, lovers show affection as if the world belongs to them and others rent, the birds fly home chirping high tone thanking for today’s, mosquitoes start buzzing to hunt sugar, once in a while fish hop up to breath the raw air, dragonflies perch on the green grass without moving!

Maybe next week! Yes!

a song that brings garden air to the living room


Listen, Beloved,
Humming angels keep singing
Song of union.
Ears can’t hear, too low a voice.
Heart can, swayed by the wind though.

Root deep, Beloved.
The song vibrates in the earth,
Making grass and flowers bloom,
Brightening up the meadow—
Listen, Beloved.

It takes enormous patience to listen to the silence. Hey! Is it being patient or simply allowing quietness to sit where birds and monkeys are hopping and making noise?

Listening is a skill. A skill needs practices to mastery. Mastery takes time. Time takes breathing, in, out, with awareness.

—practicing listening mode on—

holla…. love ya! (RC Gorman’s work of art)

The Wings

The wings, Beloved,
Grown from fluid that fasts and sleeps;
Perching butterfly—

I call it journey, you call it metamorphosis. I call it idea, you call it egg. I call it maturity, you call it a born chrysalis. I call it manifestation, you call it developed butterfly. I call it love, you call it commitment. I call it this, you call it that. We look one thing from different points of view and describe it with different disciplines. In fact we are talking about the same thing.


You see a butterfly perching on my shoulder, I see a messenger bringing me a love letter from my beloved telling me:

“Hello, my love. Relax. You are safe. I’m here with you.”
RC Gorman’s

A Name

A name, Beloved,
Sound of rustling, not the leaves;
My mind sees leaves though.

After more than two years, we finally gathered here for a dinner that was misunderstood. Most of us thought it was Thai food seeing the name of the restaurant “Thai Village” but then we found it was Chinese food restaurant that has been here for more than 20 years.

It didn’t matter at all! Just no pork for me. And the talks and laugher did matter much more to all of us.

Oh, name…. You’re not my beloved but you can bring my beloved here. 💝

Thanks for the rendezvous!

Only Hideaki and Sab knew it was Chinese food restaurant because they are Singaporean born and raised in Singapore. The rest got fooled by its name 😄


Woman, Beloved,
Toughness in art of beauty—
Eyes only see skin.

The word “soul” is “nafs” in Arabic, its gender is feminine. It gives me a strong hint that being born as a woman is never a coincidence to me. The feminine quality that is naturally attached to woman is the one grammatically (at least in one oldest language with meticulously accurate vocabulary to attribute meanings), culturally, spiritually attached to the soul too and it should be a good sign that it should not be difficult to sensitively connect to the spirituality rather than to physical (badaniyyun in Arabic) whose original gender is masculine.

Woman, qualifying herself with femininity means strengthening her natural gift and getting closer to the Soul through spirituality.

Weekend is almost over. Next week is physically and intellectually tough. Hope this shallow spirituality can strengthen me in some way.

Welcome, new week! I need to gift you a bucket of alfatihah to calm down. 💝

Women from The Looking Glass, Freydoon Rassouli
Joy Vibrations, Freydoon Rassouli


Witness, Beloved,
Umbrella in rainy days,
Locked door in dark nights—

Still celebrating my hair!

Not every woman likes growing long hair. I do love it. I did short hair in some period of time: senior high school when short hair gave privilege to be called “not too girl” and some recent years when busy days took away the hair time.

Now the long hair period has claimed its prime time back and ready to witness the joy shared by its owner.

May all beings be happy.

with two of those I’m grateful to for their company, witness of my determination and dedication – shortest hair ever
hair started showing off, witness of new habit: selfie at the home office corner before and after work 🤩
longer and longer giving me comfort, witness of pillow face and no-bath work from home 😎
50cm+! grow and grow, my dear hair witness of awakening 😘
now I can do many things with the hair, witness of new adventure 😘