There’s always a home for a wanderer. Sweet home— Sweeter than sugar.

taking off
to land

I’m Ready

Tell the sun rising and setting that I’m ready anytime: morning, night and day— to present what’s best in my humble life.

💗 welcoming rising sun
💗 escorting the sun to sleep
💕 you can destroy the branches but you can’t kill the tree with healthy roots
💕 so full and filled

Those Love Around

You don’t need so much love to find love around. Make it with a little love.

playing buddies
mama dog 💕
like a log
can you spot 2 cats?
one guarding a headless god
my Bob looks like this one 💗
tux cat on carpet
ginger waiting for lunch

A Loving Visit

A loving visit beyond time and space. Salaam. Universe answers.

about the museum
when you’re loved, people still visit you even when you’re nowhere 💝
when you’re loved, you’re taken care of even when you’re nowhere
beloved – visiting him with love, see you again
beloved – visiting him with love, see you again


Written on this soul, your footsteps making sweet songs sung by the green birds.

a calligraphy about ‘Izzah (honour, dignity, respect) in Ulucami Grand Mosque, Bursa
standing firm with a blessed smile
a short visit is ok 😯
and then riding cable car to Uludag Mountain

Old Friends

There is memory shared around a round table at a starry night.

so blessed to meet friends — they said “Chinese food for dinner ok lah, Rijk, no pork lah no pork!” ok lah, everyone…. 😘 thank you! 🙏🏼

Two Towers

Towers will mostly collapse of weak foundation…. Or the strongest quake

Petronas Twin Towers from taxi 👍🏽
solanum on the reception table 💝
no one can make me feel not good if I don’t allow myself to – it’s a commitment as strong as tower with solid foundation, not only a lip service. KL, see you soon 🔥

Love Eat or Love Pray? 🥰 (sharing)

I can’t know anymore what makes this area special for me, whether the Masjid Sultan or Wardah Books or two favourite restaurants here. Anyway at least two are in must-visit list at the same time. After visiting Masjid Sultan to submit charity from my fellow Indonesian, today’s preferred was Hokkaido (halal) ramen as Wardah Books was closed and the Turkish restaurant was too crowded — I don’t like crowded restaurant.

FYI, Masjid Sultan is surrounded by hundreds of restaurants and shops; it is an equivalent with old-time mosque which was always built around market place in order for people to reach it in no time.

When I meet friends in this area, it is either with a statement “let’s meet up at the mosque” or “meet at *** restaurant” or “Wardah Books this time?”. There is one question that my friends and I like to ask each other as either teaser or respect: “eating 1st or praying*) 1st?” The answer?

*) praying here is not a flash pray before starting activities  like simply saying “In the name of The Gracious and The Merciful” but praying is around 5-10 minutes protocol that is normally done by fellow Muslim.

Group #1 (religious friends, they can pray “forever”, wow!): Pray first. It is more important than anything including eating. We should prioritise God who has given us everything, others can wait. Don’t make God jealous.

Group #2 (rascals, will let you pray while they start eating): Eat first. God won’t force you to pray when you are hungry. Better you eat remembering that you will pray rather than you pray and your thought is wandering around all kinds of food.

Group #3 (clown, bitter that makes all chatters jokers): Don’t ask me, I am fasting everyday because of having no food at all and so I don’t pray because I have nothing to thank for.

Group #4 (good jugglers, like Group #3 but to the next level): Why so picky? Can’t we do both at the same time? You can choose at the mosque or in the restaurant!

Some jokes are actually dead serious that the way people respond can either be considered as intelligence or harassment or abuse rather than as just fun. Yet I share mine as part of showing how religious comedy exists among Javanese Muslims (there are way more that I will never share publicly to avoid misunderstanding and misinterpretation); no harassment or abuse whatsoever. I even see philosophy in many if not all jokes. 😝

Ah! Life is so rich, why feel no good just because of one point of view?


open for everyone 🙇‍♀️

About Masjid Sultan or Sultan Mosque

more than just a bookstore; my Arabic class was here by then

About Wardah Books

good! my colleague of course said “no!”


this is how Hokkaido (halal) ramen looks – eater can select ramen with light-consistency broth that’s why I like it yet the presentation is not up to my expectation: messy kelp, wet spoon, no wet tissue 😌
berry jelly tea – yum!, sweet
today’s drink, also good 😊


We are all
Full time travelers
Visiting space of everywhere
Staying in faraway nowhere

Oh, Beloved.
Listen to the whooshing comets
Telling you flash news
About your singing heart.

Oh, Beloved.
Look at the satellites
Showing you hopes and vibes
About your cheering head.

We are all
Full time travelers
Finding space called a home
Among houses that were loomed.

After lost—

Thank you, Love.


Super Charged

Super charged young boys can beat super charged old champs just with light laughter.

two boys joined our group to go river-rafting
while the adults were resting after 1-hour rafting before the next 1-hour, these boys were playing
and they played helmets throwing 😂
we asked the boys to stand up…. 💝
only one succeeded 😂 the other fell down on to the boat soft floor of the swift waves in Ayung River 😀


Life pace gets faster,
Food follows the same pattern.
Time and space collide.

My nephews always want fast food. They said it is good and fast. On the contrary I am not a big fan of fast food. So we always go to fast food restaurants first for them to eat then they’ll drive me to local restaurants for mine.

It takes longer time but giving fair treatment to all fellow travelers are the right thing to do.



urap Bali 💝 is more greasy compared to urap Jawa, both are superb!
sate lilit is Balinese special skewer; the stick should be lemongrass
balado terong – not so good in the most recent restaurant but still better than French fries 😄

Old Bone

Old bone works so hard
To chase young heart. Worth doing
For meaningful life—

that’s not alcohol, that’s green melon flavour syrup 😀 my two brothers could get mad at me if I feed them the R-OH substances 😊
they rock! i now be a careful rider 🙃 “where’s your young bone, Mbak?!” 😂


Morning gives her vibe with fragrance of dews to start a day that is bright.

our view is a small pura (Balinese Hindu temple) for the surrounding villagers at Dedari river bank to pray when they are nearby and a bit far from their houses


Being young in heart is a challenge for those who goes aging sweetly.

Traveling with those adventurous always energises me. Otherwise, I prefer (mostly) traveling alone so I can do whatever crazy as I wish.

Enjoying Bali with these two young human beings bring the 5-years-ago me who would move around as if having high power unlimitedly charged. After hibernating because of the dear virus, I want to have my young fun again with my nephews like I did the same fun with myself back then.

Let’s have fun go mad, my dear boys!

Remember, boys! You can smoke cigarette. You can vape. But you can’t alcohol. 😃


nephews = protectors? no, annoying boys 😘 waiting for the rental car — my official driver and navigator

A Cake

Perfect is a cake baked with heart and soul for those waiting patiently.

There is nothing perfect in material thing. Perfect lies in the patience of queueing buyers and in the chef’s dedication of making the best cake for those patiently waiting. And more…

It looks like just a cake but there are more than stories of recipe behind it. There is love of mother to her child. There is trial and error of a chef for her best cake. There is a rent that the shop should pay. There is a smile after every bite of the chocolate chiffon cake. There are best materials supplied by many different shops whose owners commit to customer satisfaction. There is mood that demands stability. There is a city that will be remembered because of this cake. And so on, and so forth. And all happen because of heart vibrating love with any reason possible in this life.

What looks simple or trivial knocks loudly if we lend some listening space.



many things about Japan fascinate me; I wish this country with its ethical practices can last much longer than what’s predicted 💝


Where can food be good
With less taste or little garnish?
It must be a home.
clean both look and taste is the main strength of Japanese food; better than in-flight meal so let’s eat before going home 💝
tada! fat makes the cold noodle perfect – murky and tasty!
not a fan of red meat, but good ribeye once in a while ok lah….
well done! or burnt? is a perfect choice 😂


Morning is welcomed
By a tray of whatever
Turning to a best.

my best breakfast this month!
2nd helping shows how good it is!
this never works for me anytime anywhere!
this made my today’s breakfast a gift from end of 2022, thank you!


Swinging steps to gates.
Washing hands and mouth. Flying.
Whispering. Amen.

🙏🏼 thank you
🙏🏼 thank you
🙏🏼 thank you
🙏🏼 thank you
🙏🏼 thank you
a shrine on a small hill, a true luxury to visit for a short while 💕 thank you