These eyes, Beloved,
Sparkle behind a curtain
Hiding your shadow—

Thanks for these healthy eyes. 💝

RC Gorman’s Iris

Feel Good

Say hi, Beloved,
To those making you feel good.
Life is abundant.

When very good plan and very bad weather collide, it takes just a breath to be back to feeling good mode.

Life is too abundant to consider a lost day a loss.

hi, colibri! (RC Gorman’s)


Nocturne, Beloved,
Desert at velvety nights;
Her hair is waving,
Where pitch and rhythm dangle
Sprinkling tones of a warm heart

Night is a sweet shelter that never complains whether I snore or sing or cry or laugh or play or work or just sit on the window nook.


RC Gorman’s Nocturne

Daydreams of A Lover

Have got everything:
A sweetest smile,
A cheery hello,
A loving look,
A warm hug,
A good kiss
All in loving care.

Yet in all daydreams of closeness and connection….

I wish to give
You a warm kiss,
Yet impossible
You are too high
Up the sky;

I hope to give
You a pretty daffodil
Yet unlikely
You are too disguised
Behind the curtain;

I want to spread for
You a good breakfast
Yet too early
You wake up too late
In another day;

I want to paint
You a red torii
Yet too trivial
You know torii much
Better than me;

I am writing
You secret love poems
Yet in vain
You don’t even care
They exist.

Breath is with what I count life.
Breath is in what I save love.
Breath is on what I paint faith.
A warm kiss,
A pretty daffodil,
A good breakfast,
A red torii,
And secret love poems
Have livened this breathing
You have got
A sweetest smile,
A cheery hello,
A loving look,
A warm hug,
A good kiss
All in loving care.

I only wish
You behind the curtain
See me breathing
For and with

This long weekend of Eid Al-Adha is turning to brighter space with slow breathing, daydreaming and chili party.

Happy Eid Al-Adha, family and friends. Hope we are blessed with closeness and connection with the Source of Love.

Alhamdulillah 💝

RC Gorman’s – what an inspirational picture for chili lovers 😁