April 19, 2017
rike jokanan

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Amsterdam – some pics

Amsterdam is museums….

And Amsterdam is bike riding.

Some cheese….

Tulips in front of buildings….

Tulips and their vibrant colours….

Tulips and canals….

Gabled houses and canals….

…. Amsterdam is more than what I’ve seen but my feet wouldn’t have enough fuel to explore all things in this visit. See you again, Amsterdam….

Paris – April 18, 2017 – 22:15

April 13, 2017
rike jokanan

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Two Weeks – haiku

Tulips are blooming

And I shall go. I’m sure

That you are just fine.

I’ll come back, Buddy. You be safe and be always full. It is just two weeks, long enough for me to pray for the best of this life though. Play and sleep and eat. Please remember me when I return.

Anthony de Melo

Changi Airport Terminal 3 – April 13, 2017 – 00:59

April 10, 2017
rike jokanan

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Noble Silence

New adventure will start soon: next trip, my walking meditation – noble silence…. It might not be a full noble silence but it will be two weeks without communication with people of my circles. ‘ll cut off my bond with them for just a while.

Starting from April 13 at 00:00 only smiles and genuine good gestures I’ll perform. Hope I don’t have to speak with someone except when in need of direction because in those two weeks the wind is flying me to West Europe.

‘m sure this noble silence will succeed as entrance passess are purchased – there is not so much need to talk to enter venues. Only need to hop in and out where the path is leading this plane.

All senses will rest yet at the same time they are most active in this mobile meditation – my kind of noble silence. Walking, sitting, lying down, standing, eating, drinking — all done with consciousness…. Hope this is a noble start to live a noble life ahead.

Yes, ‘m starting soon…. Noble silence….

Counting down…

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 22.54.14

– picture borrowed from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/396316835936024571/

April 6, 2017
rike jokanan

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Edible? – haiku

A cold rainy day

I brought a bowl of heatened rice

For stray. Not edible!

I felt so guilty that what I gave to those dogs is actually not edible. I should have brought better kinds of food. They are street animals but they have the same right as other creatures: eat decent food, live a safe life and be loved with respect. I’m sorry, my buddies. Will bring you good one for your dinner.
Singapore – April 6, 2017 – 6:45pm

I name this guy Anthony de Melo.

April 2, 2017
rike jokanan

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Passed Away


Our dear Moppy passed away on March 26, 2017 at around 12:14pm Jakarta time. Not a good news for us but we have to face it. He’s lived comfortably in his past years.

I couldn’t write a romantic letter for him earlier as I was too sad to say things about him.

Now that I can write things about him, very little though and not representing my big emotion.

He is happy and comfortable now – happier and more comfortable than when he was in his sick body on earth. And, he is still watching us especially watching Karin Franken who had been taking care of him for his last time before he died. Thank you, Karin – that is what Moppy has said every single day even now.

Moppy, you’ve been our dear dog. Special in your own way, like each of your human buddies are special in our own ways.

Moppy, you’ve changed my perception about dogs. You’ve changed my actions on the animal welfare. You’ve changed my thinking constelation – making me more aware about why we are here….

Moppy, again thank you…. Unlimited thank you.

Moppy, please forgive me for not visiting you for so long…. I know you know why I didn’t come. For you to know that you’ve always been in my diary and in my HEART.

Moppy, be good. Run free! So long, my buddy!


Temasek – April 2, 2017 – 16:36

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