January 21, 2018
rike jokanan

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Heard a sheering cry–

May all beings be happy.

Masquerade is done.

Mount Agung from afar, what can we see in location? Un-rescued pets, cattle, etc…. But the cry of the voiceless is not only upthere, many dogs cry for being killed violently. For food, take the necessary and treat them well including don’t torture them to die. May all be beings be happy….!

Lodtunduh, January 21, 2018 – 01:40

January 21, 2018
rike jokanan

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Love In The Dark – ranting

The fact that the darkness has its eyes has been just imprinted in my memory.

Thank you for a slice of experience that has opened my darkest part of ancient journey. Fly free with your wings. The sky needs you.

A smile to me is not a must to show you’re happy as long as your happiness is recognized in your darkest dark.

May all beings be happy…. Salaamunqaulammirrabbirrahiem….

Lodtunduh – January 21, 2018 – 00:05

January 11, 2018
rike jokanan

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Aluminum – haiku

Elegant and tough —

Suitcase, laptop and pan made

Of aluminum.

Years ago I only had a pan made of aluminum and found it to be one of the best heat conductors. Now I found aluminum is the best material of one of the strongest & beautiful suitcases and smart & elegant laptops on earth. Aluminum, such a recommended metal that will make the world amazed — who has quality of this metal, please raise your hand!

Muar – January 11, 2018 – 21:00

January 11, 2018
rike jokanan

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Layers of Lights (ranting)

Lapisan lambang, makna, ilmu –

Cahaya di atas Cahaya

What you can capture with the eyes are those reflecting the light. The intensity of the Light affect the clarity of the object reflected to the lenses inside of your head.

But what is that object? That depends on what you have been informed through your experience from time to time. The longer the time, the more extensive the description of the object will be. The more frequent the object is scrutinised, the more comprehensive the description will be.

And if you are exchanging with more directions of sources, the object has become not only a description of what the Light has reflected to the lenses inside of our head but you will find that the object becomes a plane to define something else. It has turned into a symbol defining a meaning. The more expressive the symbol is defined, the deeper you search into yourself. And deeper deeper deeper to the abyssal ocean of inner knowledge. From your eyes to your head to your mind to your heart to your bottomless self….

Bottomless self?

It is where you’ll find the meaning of the meaning of the meaning of the meaning of the meaning of the meaning of the meaning……..of what reflected to the lenses inside of your head.

Layers of meaning is layers of Lights.

Light on light on light on light on light on light….

Light upon Light!

Muar – January 11, 2018 – 00:50

January 9, 2018
rike jokanan

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Sensation – haiku

Touches of the Wind —
Can those in the room feel it?
Ya, don’t shut the windows.

It is just a layer of sensations. You’ll never understand what others really think when you are not at the same layer of logic. And you’ll never comprehend what others really think if you are not in the same state of consciousness. I’m learning and un-learning at the same time — how would Life be cool if you seal yourself in a vacuum case?


Moment is waiting.

Singapore – January 9, 2018 – 22:30

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