Home is
Where an equation is done.
X factor is found,
Balance is placed,
Abundance is defined
Although life is never perfect.

Home is
Where the most important things gather.
Love is respected.
Respect is loved.
Priority is defined
Although life will never be perfect.

Home is
Where a painting is displayed.
Colours are combined,
Shapes are drawn.
Beauty is defined
And imperfect life is accepted.

that one tall white tree in the middle is the eucalyptus tree decided to cut down for the sake of the house to built in a nice spot; thank you, eucalyptus; it is unfortunate that you could not be replanted with some reasons — as much as I love you (so so much), I prefer respect for a home with other trees breathing with me 💕

A Choice (ranting)

Which glass, Beloved?
The one that brings me to you
Enjoying the home—

In a call with a best friend just now I complained about the madness Twitter has brought to me. She didn’t say sweet words because she knew I didn’t need them. She preached me instead. 🙃

BF: Hey! You quit Twitter earlier with a good reason. You are back for a good reason. I know you support freedom of speech but for dumbass Twitter is to express hatred and stupidity— to throw up and to shit. Twitter is where the smart brave excel because of their endurance, the smart timid like us should only observe or have fun to survive and the stupid idiot wander around like hungry hyenas collaborating behind the screen destroying humanity. If you can’t take it, quit for the second time. Blah blah blah

BF: Or, go back to Facebook where some friends scrutinise whatever we do and give us sugar-coated words while laughing behind us or even stabbing in the back. Or, be busier in Instagram where people show their lavish life that might be fake; and where people especially you happily stalked your crush ha ha ha. Blah blah blah….

I have to agree with her though. WordPress is a home, serene and comfortable to stay warm and sane. Twitter is a market, busy and crowded but is worth visiting regularly. Instagram is a photo studio that should be visited only once in a while.

Me: Ya, ya…. Blog sites are still a home for me. I need Twitter to read some news, it’s like going shopping.

BF: Let’s go shopping again. We don’t need to look smart to go shopping. Just a bit of curiosity and bargaining position. I saw Fau follows you.

Me: Ya. I found her in one G20 tweet. Escaping from Facebook. She really suits Twitter the most.

Time for lunch!


Walk Back Not

There’s only one way to leave a forest: its edge. Throw away the doubt.

life is too precious to play complicated games; take away unknown factors from the equation and find a home 🥰
Yogyakarta, a place I dream of being a home when all these muscles give up the hardship – maybe yes maybe no, my bothers said; I said again “at least I know it is now my home”

On The Move

Off days on the move
Between cities, finding me
Missing one city—

This evening we sat down in a cafe which is never my favourite to do. A new friend said “Singapore is the least favourite city of mine.” and I didn’t mind. Yet suddenly something knocked on my heart; it triggered me to miss a home.

The orchids that greet me with no complaint. The books that wait for me patiently. The laundry that stand by until I let them sit nicely in the cupboard. The floor that shines after some mopping. The air that hugs me through rain and shine. The warm feeling of safety and security.

How I miss myself in a home which I officially call a home. A weird feeling about Singapore that is truly now to me a home.

See you soon, my humble abode. 💝


missing a pink lily, I’ll get one when I’m home 🙂

A Few around d’Omah

If a photo album is a figure of speech, below is pars pro toto. Yet figure of speech accuracy is based on the writer’s level of expertise.

beautiful orchid adopted from Mount Merapi
the omah behind the orchid is one omah
herb type of plant, no label 😊
small river dividing one area and the other, flowing clean
every omah is a private area; facilities in one omah can only be used by the resident of the particular omah – if not booking that omah, we can’t enjoy the facilities
library at the lobby
“bajaj pasti berlalu” 😂 only Indonesian understands
disclaimer: beautiful voice of surrounding, only for those understanding tolerance
a plunge pool in the Omah Camat 💝 small pool to plunge when the head is hot 😊
living room in “Omah Camat” at night
wayang geber at the verandah of Omah Krisna
new entrance
the reception
for a friend 💝
for another friend 💝
for the other friend 💝

Green Backyard

The green yard behind
Is where greets and smiles soft-land
On the plate and glass.

Jiwa Jawi’s my backyard – found that the owner is a good friend of my best friend’s. she briefed me about the environment and seems that i can only raise cats, not dogs 😁
torch ginger aka kecombrang one of the major herbs grown within Jiwa Jawi, the more than 15,000sqm-garden-home
iga sapi bumbu rujak, lunch today 😘
with neighbours to be after 6-hour chat filled with warmth laughter and experience sharing 💝 I humbly thank you!

A Home before A Home

Wondered about home.
Has wandered finding a home.
She’s learnt she’s a home.

Feel good is feel home wherever she is.

not bored (yet) with this place, d’Omah is my omah before my omah is fully ready for weekend getaway
messing around before unpacking
Mbah Petruk, you’re not supposed to be in my bathroom – ladies only 😆

Javanese Hungry Go Where in Yogyakarta

Just in case my kitchen is resting, here is a list of Javanese heaven on earth for my hungry stomach.


  1. Omah Kayu, Jl. Pemuda 234 Wonosari, Gunungkidul
  2. Jejamuran Resto, Sleman
  3. Gubug Makan Mang Engking,
  4. angkringan pmm kaliurang
  5. Sate Klatak Mas Bari Pleret Bantul,
  6. Soto Sulung Cak Alim Jl. Adisucipto
  7. Gudeg Bu Hj Amad,
  8. Gudeg Yu Djum
  9. Gudeg Permata Bu Pujo, buka jam 9 malam, Gudeg Pawon Jl. Kusumanegara, ming buka jam 23:00
  10. Bebek Goreng Cak Koting, kidul jemb layang Lempuyangan,
  11. Bakmi mBah Mo Bantul
  12. Bakmi Kadin,
  13. Bakmi Pele, Alun2 Lor
  14. Ayam Geprek Mbok Moro cabang Terban
  15. Bakmi Jawa Pak Rebo Kintelan,
  16. Mangut Lele Bu Is Jetis
  17. Sate Goreng Ringin Kronggahan,
  18. Bakmi Jawa mBah Hadi Terban,
  19. Sate Ayam Cak Ali – Telogorejo
  20. Kepik Sawah : Jl. Godean KM 9, Senuko, Sidoagung – garang asem n belut balado, limun Tjap Orang Kaya, dll
    21.Ayam Goreng Mbok Sabar Jagalan
    22.Ayam Goreng Bu. Tini wetan ex Bioskop Permata,
  21. Sate Jono Pakualaman
  22. Kopi Joss dan angkringan di lor Stasiun Tugu
  23. Wedang Uwuh, makam Imogiri,
    26.Sego pecel UGM,7
  24. Lotek n Gado2 Teteg, Lempuyangan
  25. Kupat Tahu Pak Budi perempatan SGM,..
  26. Baceman kepala kambing p Kirman di belakang pasar Colombo
  27. Lotek bu Ning di jln Surokarsan
  28. Soto miroso,
  29. Nasgor & magelangan: bakmi doreng, Suryowijayan.
  30. Pecel wader dekat Bandara Adi Sucipto,
  31. Sayur Brongkos “Handayani” (mbak Tri, Alun2 kidul)
  32. Jadah Tempe kaliurang bu carik
  33. Wader Goreng Suko Jl.. Wonosari
  34. Soto kadipiro – Jl. Wates
  35. Gudeg Djuminten Kranggan
  36. Soto Pak Marto, Patangpuluhan
  37. Soto Pak Soleh Tegalrejo
    41.Soto Gobyos Wetan Jembatan Gondolayu,
  38. Sate ayam Pak Kromo
  39. Gudeg mercon
  40. Gudeg Tugu
  41. Bakmi Godog P.Juki Blimbingsari
  42. Ayam Geprek Mbok Moro cabang Durenan
  43. Ayam goreng mbah Cemplung, Gunung Sempu, Bantul
  44. Gulai Kambing Pasar Lempuyngan & Jakal km18
  45. Sate Kambing Samsuri Adisucipto
  46. Sate kambing Klatak Pak Pong, Wonokromo Bantul
  47. Sop kaki kambing depan RS Bethesda dan RS Panti rapih.
  48. Sate Ngasem Madukismo
  49. SEA FOOD KATOMBO, Sinduadi Mlati
  50. Bakmi mbak yuni stasiun
  51. Bebek goreng simpatik kranggan
  52. Sate ayam Jl Monjali dpn hotel Tentrem
  53. Nasgor kambing dkt panti rapih
  54. Nasgor Kambing, depanSMA Padmanaba
  55. Wader presto mbak jurri kalibawang
  56. Ingkung Kampung Ndeso, Pajangan Bantul
  57. Tengkleng Gajah di Wedomartani
  58. Mbah Gejrot Wonosari
  59. Nasi merah, empal, sayuran, sambal, dan tempe Bukit Bintang
  60. Bebek Goreng Gejayan Utara
  61. Jejamuan, Ginggang Paku Alaman
  62. Gudeg Cukupan seberang Saphir Square (hanya malam, lesehan)
  63. Soto bu Cip Patangpuluhan
  64. Rantengan bu wiryo beringharjo
  65. Warung masakan Jawa ibu Siput, Gondomanan
  66. Sea food baruna monjali
  67. Nasi Uduk Palagan (utara Monjali)
  68. Ayam Geprek Mbok Moro jl Bantul
  69. Sate Kambing Samirono
  70. Brongkos Bu Padmo Tempel Sleman
  71. Sate ayam Podomoro, Jl. Suryotomo Yogyakarta
  72. Sop ayam kampung Pak Min
  73. Bakso cap Kepala Kambing
  74. Soto Gumyak Selatan PMI Tegalgendu Kotagede
  75. Tongseng Sor Talok Manding Bantul
  76. Telur Tuna Hercules deket fak Teknik UGM
  77. Ramesan Warung Idjo Teteg Lempuyangan
  78. Siomay Mang Mudi Ringroad Per4an Jakal
  79. Siomay Kang Cepot Jakal
  80. Rawon EnaK Ringroad deket RSA UGM
  81. Soto Wonosari Condongcatur
  82. Soto Sapi Mbok Sarbini Piyungan
  83. Soto Ayam tan proyek Wonosari
  84. Soto lenthok dan raja sambel di seturan
  85. Sate dan Tongseng pak Dakir depan pasar Klitikan
  86. Bakmi Tongseng Balungan Sibitsu jln Bantul
  87. Sate Karang Kotagede
  88. Bakso & es teler Pathuk
  89. Seafood & rekreasi anak Banyumili Godean
  90. Waroeng Pohon, Jalan Parangtritis km 6
  91. Gudeg Pawon Janturan
  92. Oseng2 mercon KHA Dahlan
  93. Soto gobyos jl Bayangkara
  94. Ayam Goreng Bacem Code
  95. Kepiting Cak Gundul Jl Palagan
  96. Gudeg Ceker Gejayan
  97. Mangut Lele mbah Marto Geneng Sewon Bantul
  98. Sop janda jogja mlati sleman
  99. DA’IM DONUTS Jl. Kaliurang km 10.
  100. Siomay Kang Ujang, jalan Panjatkan dan jalan Ngasem.
  101. Warung Tongseng Ayam Kampung, Selatan Pasar Bantul
  102. SATE MBAH SO, Kota gede.
  103. SATE PAK MINTO, Jalan Wates.
  104. Bakmi mbah Gito, Pilahan.
  105. Warung Sego abang , jinak Semau Wonosari GK


  • Gudeg Sagan (mbak Wati), Jalan Prof Johanes, Galeria Mall ke utara.
  • Gudeg Bu Djuminten: Jl Kranggan 69
  • Gudeg Bu Pujo (Permata): Jl Gajah Mada 11 (lesehan buka pukul 21.00)
  • Gudeg Ceker Bu Nining: Jl A Yani 16
  • Gudeg Ceker Bu Yanti: Jl Monjali
  • Gudeg Ceker Sedep Raos: Jl Seturan 15 (warung tenda)
  • Gudeg Cukupan Batas Kota: Jl Solo 28 (lesehan seberang Saphir Square)
  • Gudeg Geneng Mbah Marto: Dusun Nengahan, Panggungharjo, Sewon, Bantul (belakang kampus ISI)
  • Gudeg Kentungan: Jl Kaliurang km 5
  • Gudeg Kuncen Bu Sri: Jl HOS Cokroaminoto (depan Apotik Kimia Farma)
  • Gudeg Manggar Bu Hendro: Jl Hayam Wuruk (seberang Pasar Lempuyangan)
  • Gudeg Manggar Pembayun: Mangir, Pajangan, Bantul
  • Gudeg Mbarek Bu Hj Amad: Utara Selokan Mataram UGM
  • Gudeg Mercon Ibu Tinah: Jl Asem Gede-Kranggan (buka pukul 20.00)
  • Gudeg Pawon Jl. Prof Soepomo 36, Janturan (buka pukul 23.00)
  • Gudeg yu Jum: Wijilan.
  • Gudeg Tugu Bu Wagiyem: Jl Diponegoro (lesehan)
  • Gudeg Wijilan Bu Lies: Jl Wijilan 5 (buka 24 jam)
  • Gudeg Wijilan Bu Nur: Jl Wijilan
  • Gudeg Wijilan Bu Slamet: Jl Wijilan 17
  • Gudeg Yu Djum: Utara Selokan Mataram UGM
  • Gudeg Yu Narni: Jl Kaliurang km 4,5 (lor Kehutanan UGM)
  • Gudeg Yu Yah: Jl Magelang km 5 (warung tenda kidul Terminal Jombor)
  • Rantengan Bu Warno: Jl A Yani (lantai 2 Pasar Beringharjo) & Jl Jagalan Beji PA I/43 Pakualaman


  • Bakmi Pak Furqoni, Jalan Modang Jogokaryan
  • Bakmi Doring: Jl Suryowijayan 348
  • Bakmi Jokteng: Perempatan Pojok Benteng Barat
  • Bakmi Jombor: Jl Magelang km 6,3 (Flyover Jombor)
  • Bakmi Kadin Mbah Hj Karto: Jl Bintaran Kulon 6
  • Bakmi Mbah Gito: Jl Nyi Ageng Nis, Rejowinangun
  • Bakmi Mbah Hadi: SPBU Terban
  • Bakmi Mbah Mo: Dusun Code, Kulon Perempatan Manding, Bantul
  • Bakmi mBah Tris Manding Kidul, Trirenggo Bantul.
  • Bakmi Mbah Wito: Dusun Kemoro Sari 1, Desa Piyaman, Wonosari
  • Bakmi Mbak Yuni: Jl Wongsodirjan (lor Stasiun Tugu)
  • Bakmi Pak Geno: Jl Parangtritis km 23 Patalan, Jetis, Bantul
  • Bakmi Pak Harjo Geno: Pasar Prawirotaman
  • Bakmi Pak Juki: Jl Yacaranda 1, Sekip (depan Apotik Gajah Mada)
  • Bakmi Pak Juki: Depan SPBU Sagan
  • Bakmi Pak Pele: Wetan Pagelaran Kraton, Alun-Alun Lor
  • Bakmi Pak Rebo: Jl Brigjen Katamso 167, Kintelan
  • Bakmi Shibishu: Jl Raya Bantul 106
  • Mie Ayam Mas Yudi: Jl Taman Siswa 158
  • Bakmi Jozz Krakitan, Ringinharjo, Bantul
  • Mie Lethek Mbah Mendes: Jl Ringroad Utara (200 meter kulon Lotte Mart)


  • Saoto Bathok Mbah Katro: Jl Candi Sambisari, Purwomartani, Kalasan
  • Soto Ayam Tan Proyek: Jl Raya Wonosari
  • Soto Bangkong: Jl Magelang
  • Soto Betawi Bang Darto: Jl Petung 33, Papringan
  • Soto Betawi Bang Pitung: Jl Juminahan 12
  • Soto Bu Cip: Jl S Parman 58
  • Soto Djiancuk: Jl Tepi Rawa Kalibayam, Sonopakis, Ngestiharjo
  • Soto Gobyos: Jl Bayangkara
  • Soto Gumyak: Jl Imogiri Timur (kidul PMI Tegalgendu Kotagede)
  • Soto Kadipiro: Jl Raya Wates 33 (sebelah kanan jalan arah ke Wates)
  • Soto Kemasan: Jl Ringroad Selatan, Singosaren (dekat Terminal Giwangan)
  • Soto Kudus: Jl Monjali (samping SPBU Monjali)
  • Soto Kudus Gajah Mada: Jl Kaliurang km 8,7
  • Soto Lamongan Cak Parno: Jl Lembah UGM Karangmalang D28
  • Soto Lenthok 21: Jl Sugeng Jeroni
  • Soto Lenthok 42: Jl MT Haryono 42
  • Soto Lenthok Pak Karjo: Jl Prof Herman Johanes, Sagan
  • Soto Miroso: Jl Adisucipto 168A
  • Soto Moneter: Jl Ringroad Timur, Banguntapan (lor perempatan Kotagede)
  • Soto Pak Marto: Jl Janti, Gedong Kuning (depan JEC)
  • Soto Pak Marto: Jl S. Parman, Barat Plengkung Taman Sari (200 m kulon bangjo)
  • Soto Pak Pur: Jl Nitiprayan, Ngestiharjo, Kasihan, Bantul (500 meter kidul IKIP PGRI)
  • Soto Pak Sholeh Al-Barokah: Jl Wiratama 84, Tegalrejo
  • Soto Sampah (Uwuh): Jl Kranggan (depan SPBU)
  • Soto Sapi Mbok Sarbini: Jl Raya Wonosari, Srimulyo (dekat Pasar Piyungan Baru)
  • Soto Sapi Pak Musthofa: Jl Magelang km 7 (lor Terminal Jombor)
  • Soto Sapi Pak Sugeng: Jl HOS Cokroaminoto 185
  • Soto Seger Mbok Giyem: Jl Adisucipto (depan Sheraton Mustika) & Jl Magelang km 8
  • Soto Sulung Cak Alim: Jl. Adisucipto km 8,5 (depan Grand Quality)
  • Soto Sulung Pak Malik: Jl Pasar Kembang (Parkiran Selatan Stasiun Tugu)
  • Soto Sumuk: Jl Jend Sudirman (wetan Jembatan Gondolayu)
  • Soto Wonosari Mbah Urip: Jl Rajawali Raya 74, Condongcatur
  • Sop Ayam Kampung Pak Min


  • Sate Ayam Cak Ali: Jl Kaliurang km 7
  • Sate Ayam Cak Amat: Jl Hadidarsono, Kotabaru
  • Sate Ayam Monjali: Jl AM Sangaji (depan Hotel Tentrem)
  • Sate Ayam Pak Kromo: Jl Mayor Suryotomo 3
  • Sate Ayam Podomoro: Jl Mataram 11
  • Sate Djono: Jl Masjid Pakualaman 7
  • Sate Goreng Ringin: Kronggahan, Jombor, Mlati (Terminal Jombor ke barat lalu ke utara)
  • Sate Kambing Mbah Darmo: Jl Solo (wetan bandara)
  • Sate Kambing Monjali: Jl Monjali 106 (lor bangjo Jembatan UGM)
  • Sate Kambing Pak Dakir: Jl HOS Cokroaminoto 75 (depan Pasar Klitikan)
  • Sate Kambing Pak Syamsuri: Jl Anggrek, Sambilegi, Adisucipto
  • Sate Kambing Samirono: Jl Colombo 105
  • Sate Karang Pak Prapto: Jl Nyi Pembayun, Lapangan Karang, Kota Gede
  • Sate Klatak Pak Bari: Pasar Desa Wonokromo, Jl Kedaton, Pleret, Bantul
  • Sate Klatak Pak Mus: Jl Stadion Sultan Agung, Pleret, Bantul
  • Sate Klatak Pak Pong: Jl Stadion Sultan Agung, Pleret, Bantul
  • Sate Klatak Pak Yakut: Ruko Griya Alvita, Jl Wates km 3
  • Sate Kuda Gondolayu: Jl Jend Sudirman 25 (kulon jembatan)
  • Sate Kuda Pak Kuntjoro: Jl Kranggan 64A
  • Sate Ngaglik: Jl Kaliurang km 10 (depan kecamatan)
  • Sate Ngasem: Jl Keloran, Bugisan, Tirtonirmolo, Ringroad Selatan
  • Sate Padang Asli: Jl Kaliurang km 5,6 (dekat HokBen)
  • Sate Padang Mamak Sharil: Jl Sultan Agung, Pakualaman
  • Sate Padang Salero: Kawasan Stadion Mandala Krida


  • Ayam Asap Kuah Santan: Jl Gito Gati 100 (lor Hotel Hyatt)
  • Ayam Bakar Bu Ning: Jl Taman Siswa (warung tenda)
  • Ayam Geprek Mbok Moro
  • Ayam Bakar MG 22: Jl Sisingamangaraja 22B (seberang Kantor Pos Mergangsan)
  • Ayam Goreng Bu Tini: Jl Sultan Agung 17, (wetan bekas Bioskop Permata)
  • Ayam Goreng Kampung Bugisan: Jl Bugisan Selatan 42 (depan SMKI)
  • Ayam Goreng Mbah Cemplung: Sembungan RT 05 Bangunjiwo, Kasihan, Bantul
  • Ayam Goreng Mbok Berek Kalasan: Jl Solo km 14,5 (samping Panti Rini Ziekenhuis)
  • Ayam Goreng Mbok Berek Pawirodikoro: Jl Pugeran Timur 24
  • Ayam Goreng Mbok Sabar: Jl Jagalan
  • Ayam Goreng Mentega Lie Djiong: Jl Brigjen Katamso
  • Ayam Goreng Ninit: Jl C Simanjuntak 20, Terban (depan Karita)
  • Ayam Goreng Ny Suharti: Perempatan Rejowinangun, Gedong Kuning
  • Ayam Goreng Pak Ndut: Jl C Simanjuntak 29, Terban
  • Ayam Goreng Putra Rantau: Jl Wirosaban (wetan rumah sakit)
  • Ayam Goreng Suharti: Jl Adisucipto (samping turunan Flyover Babarsari)
  • Ayam Goreng Tojoyo 3: Jl Urip Sumoharjo 133 (depan Empire XXI)
  • Ayam Kremes Mbak Ning: Jl Gajah Mada 1 (kulon bekas Bioskop Permata)
  • Ayam Panggang 3 Berku: Jl Kusumanegara 185
  • Ayam Panggang Bu Ning: Jl Godean km 5
  • Ingkung Kampung Ndeso Mbah Cempluk: Dusun Santan, Desa Guwosari, Pajangan, Bantul


  • Bebek Goreng Cak Koting/Bu Meti: Jl Dr Sutomo (kidul Flyover Lempuyangan)
  • Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut: Jl C Simanjuntak 29, Terban
  • Bebek Goreng Pak Saring: Dalam Pasar Lempuyangan
  • Bebek Goreng H Slamet: Jl Pangeran Mangkubumi
  • Bebek Goreng Pak Slamet: Jl Affandi (Gejayan Utara)
  • Bebek Goreng Simpatik: Jl Diponegoro (depan Pasar Kranggan)


  • Gado-Gado Bu Hadi: Jl A Yani (lantai 2 Pasar Beringharjo)
  • Kupat Tahu Pak Budi: Jl Kusumanegara (perempatan SGM)
  • Lontong Sayur Padang: Jl Ipda Tut Harsono, Timoho (dekat RM Barokah)
  • Lotek Bu Ning: Jl Surokarsan
  • Lotek MM UGM: Depan MM UGM
  • Lotek Sagan: Jl Sagan Kidul 23 & Jl Danau Tempe V/8
  • Lotek Teteg Lempuyangan Bu Is: Jl Argolubang 184 Gg Delima GK IV/196 Baciro (depan SPBU)
  • Pecel Baywatch Mbah Warno: Kasongan, Bantul
  • Pecel Lele: Jl Patangpuluhan 21
  • Pecel Senggol: Jl A Yani (pintu gerbang Pasar Beringharjo)
  • Pecel SGPC Bu Wiryo 1959: Utara Selokan Mataram UGM
  • Pecel Wader: Jalan Masuk Bandara Adisucipto


  • Bakso Pak Teguh, depan pasar Prawirotaman Yogyakarta (buks sore jam 17.00)
  • Bethesda: Jl Yohanes Nurhadi (kulon rumah sakit)
  • Bakso Idolaku: Jl Taman Siswa 138
  • Bakso Jawi Bu Miyar: Jl Sultan Agung 9
  • Bakso Kuning Gading: Jl Abubakar Ali 2A, Kotabaru
  • Bakso Malang Berkah: Jl Nusa Indah, Condong Catur
  • Bakso Pak Jam: Ironayan, Banguntapan, Bantul (samping masjid)
    LODEH WADER – Warung HANYA Jl. Parangtritis km 6,5 (utara kampus ISI),
  • EMPEK-EMPEK Nonyan Kamto di Malioboro Mal
    l dan Selatan Ramai Mall…
    -Angkringan RUBY JOGLO
    Jalan Nanggulan

And many more….❤

Good Chat

Good chirp of two birds
Fill the air with random songs
Above golden trees.

Time flies when we spend it with those we love. How would I not thank this life for giving me abundance of them? Good to have a holiday at home before spending more holidays outdoor faraway from them after this. 💝

I am blessed. 💝

installation art of two golden birds – good time is a chat of two sisters remembering the sweet and the shit 😊

Sweet Smile

Sweet smile always blooms
To season and deck each day.
Keep it, don’t waste it.

not the best airline on earth but always one of my favourite airlines 💝 its flight attendants’ genuine smiles remind me that there is always warm heart at home 😊

Good Day

What will you do on one bright day? Anything but feel no good.

seating arranged by a rice field in Yogyakarta – a place where people become human being, transaction tones down to neighbourhood, ordinary feels extraordinary


Always love this city
Where work is in moving cars,
Finished in toll gates.

What is Jakarta about? Heavy traffic? Better in some way. Flood? Better in some way. People? Always happy, optimistic and witty no matter what!

Nothing beats feel home. 💝

a city isn’t about its minuses 😎 (Jl Sudirman, Jakarta)…. – traffic jam should be one tool to shape patience 🥹
…. but also about how leaders manage it through wrong and right decisions and policies and also about the people who are willing to be led by different leaders from different backgrounds with different interest and partiality 🙏🏼 (Bundaran HI, Jakarta) – traditional food finds its heaven in “car free day” on Sundays in this spot 💝

Little Bird

Little bird, dear love,
Telling her to soar then go home
To where her heart is—

Home. Is it a what, a who, a whom, a whose, a which, a when, a where or a how? She knows hers and it doesn’t always the same as others’. 💝

shared rice with a little bird in Cointrin Airport before boarding for Amsterdam then home – a trip worth doing she should repeat 🥰 …

Home, A Journey

Have you heard of the word home?
I often think of what it is
And where it is.

My friends all say it.
That it is where shelter is,
That it is where family is,
That it is where safety is,
That it is where heart is,
That it is this earth that spins,
Blah blah blah,
That it is this,
That it is that.

What is a home?

I’m not as intelligent as they are.
I can only tell what’s not a home.
Sometimes my apartment isn’t a home.
Sometimes my childhood home isn’t a home.
Sometimes I don’t feel safe staying in this safest place.
Sometimes my heart is flying across the ocean while I’m sitting in the sofa.
This earth is traveling to where I don’t know.
Sometimes I just don’t believe what my friends say about home.
I’m sorry for being not so intelligent as all of you are.

I will keep identifying what’s not home
Until I’m home.

home, where roses greet me in the morning 🌹


A home, Beloved
Not an outlook— it’s the soul
That hugs when inside.


I bought my first property at 34, a bit late from the original plan simply because I was broke. It was a small house in Greater Jakarta, that is now called “Rumah Bob” (literally Bob’s home) named after my cat Bob.

It is one tiny house in a small cluster, uniformly designed with minimum freedom to show “me” — the owner can only have it painted different colours, install different window sills, plant different flowers and design different garden, add different carport, or maybe buy different cars.

That has motivated me to have a home that reflects “the me that I want to present”. None of the houses offered to me by brokers or friends hit my core although some were into my taste— of course some were simply too pricy. 😩 I rejected all offers.

Apology – Some people (who helped search property for me) thought I was too much because for some of them a house is simply a place to live in comfort, while I’ve always dreamt to live in a home where I can express the true me and help my guests understand their true selves by visiting the home. A few of them sarcastically said I shouldn’t have searched through them if I didn’t have enough money — ohhhhhh some bloody stings!!! 😂 Yet I did apologise to them for being so difficult.

I decided to buy a small plot of land in a greenery in Yogyakarta (my father’s home town) and build a home from scratch.

Architect – It’s very important to choose the right architect. Not necessarily the most prominent as to me integrity and friendship is the most important thing – luckily my best friend recommended her student to work on my dream. Working with an architect who was artist had blessed me. She understood what was wanted by her clients but she never got satisfied even when the clients said the final draft was excellent. She would get back to me saying “Mbak, I think I find which part should be optimised. I’ll get back to you with a new draft.” Thanks to Mbak Novi.

The Core – My home will never impress random onlookers from the outlook or those who think a good house is a luxurious building; they will simply think it’s a humble abode clean and fresh. It will only impress its guests, family and friends who truly relate with me as human beings with different kinds of engagements or those who know how to appreciate humanity and ordinary.

I wish to be granted health and prosperity to live long enough to enjoy being a sincere host in my true home to those who love life.

A dream come true! Alhamdulillah.

May all beings be happy. 💝

front door, greeting family and friends with all my heart and soul – no fake people are welcome

Time Takes Side

Time flows, Beloved,
To an estuary of hope.
Time flows, Beloved,
To the eternity sea.
Won’t be long before we meet—

Time flows, Beloved
To you through me. White beacon
Blinks red at low tide.
Wind says the woodlands miss me.
Time flows, Beloved. Thank you.


Don’t take too long a time to fix an issue. Time wisely travels with those willing to appreciate a journey through action taking along with wisdom harvesting. Otherwise, it will bulldoze what’s not solved.

Dear January. I know you’ll transform with me who doesn’t want remedial lessons next year.

Thank you, 2021. Welcome, 2022.



nothing is forever, let go of all that are not serving for my highest good either interest or ambition
no one is perfect, accept the dark side of my own self and learn all lessons either pleasant or unpleasant
balance is feasible only when mental detachment and appropriate acceptance are achieved, I claim the balance
I’m ok, dude…. You’re not? 🤠