Travel light is fun,
With so little to carry.
Prancing deer,
Safe in the forest,
No tiger,
No bear,
Just green and breeze.

Travel full is peace,
With all so prepared.
Walking elephant,
Graceful in the desert,
No hyena,
No lion,
Just sun and breeze.

Let’s travel
With light heart,
Flying eagle,
Free in the high,
No storm,
No lightning,
Just blue and breeze.

Let’s travel
With full heart,
Humming alpaca,
Peaceful in the hill,
No distress,
No agitation,
Just earth and breeze.

distracted between travel light and travel full 🥸
decided with travel full 😎 so full!

It Does Well

It sways flexibly
In stormy days.
It grows calmly
In sunny days.
It roots perennially
In the meadow.

It sings;
It hums;
It mutes;
It sees;
It hears;
It touches;
It tastes;
It smells;
In silence

It does well.

these flowers survive the storm and continue living in bright days on and on and on between those two situations only through a friendship with the meadow 💝

Love Diaries in A Library

This life is a library
Keeping all collections,
Reference to public,
Exclusive to a lover,
One lover.

Any scrolls
In this library.

The diaries
In the secret dungeon.

With naked eyes, or
With any glasses on the shelves.

Through letters and numbers,
Shapes and colours.

This library is open
As long as you are awake.

Before you sleep
When I’ll be reading you through.

my earlier diaries are true stories through naked eyes; the later are colours, shapes, numbers, words in various styles and figures of speech needing some tricks and tips to sense layers of meanings and information — we are all writers, librarians and readers 💝

About the photo


Reflection kills her night.
The tower dramatically sways,
Dancing with the street light,
Gleaming with the moonbeam.

She grabs a cloth
To wipe her mirror.

Oye, her little heart.
You need a janitor.

one Petronas tower reflected perfectly through a skyscraper’s glass in a dim evening 🪞 dramatic yet poetic and romantic 😎

Nothing Is Left

She travels light.

She brings a few packed
And you, in a locket
Kept safe with a chain
Worn around the neck
Reminding the traveler
That nothing is left.

dear river, this is my empty jar with which i keep your water before it flows back with you to the vast ocean – nothing is wasted, nothing is left 💝


We are all
Full time travelers
Visiting space of everywhere
Staying in faraway nowhere

Oh, Beloved.
Listen to the whooshing comets
Telling you flash news
About your singing heart.

Oh, Beloved.
Look at the satellites
Showing you hopes and vibes
About your cheering head.

We are all
Full time travelers
Finding space called a home
Among houses that were loomed.

After lost—

Thank you, Love.


Busy Faking

How busy you are
What should not
Be covered.

I am watching
With a sweet smile
My sweet heart.

If it is true,
Show the world
With no shame,
No pretension.
Or else….

You both
Live in fake
False life
Full with false
Fake smiles.

How busy you are
Both showing me
Only me
While hiding
From most of the world.

not perfect but not fake! 😘

Love Songs

She hums rhythms that no one can enjoy
But those hearing the thin breeze
In the falling dusk.

She recites rhymes that no one can feel
But those touching beads of dew
In the brightening dawn.

Not sending wishes anymore
As whispering is louder in her own ears.
Intention might be misunderstood.

Not delivering messages anymore to you
As journaling is clearer to her own mind.
Linguistic might be multi-interpreted.

She sings love songs sweetly
To re-orchestrate in many genres with the paradise green birds
She keeps safe gently in heart.

She rewinds her heart slowly
To become millions of forever notes turning into eternal air
She meditates sacredly in silence.

How beautiful love is with love songs

this heart is loaded with notes of love songs that can be played only by those in love with each and every second ticking on the clock ⏳

Truth, What?

The truth that I learnt
Is unlearnt.

The truth that I unlearnt
Is re-learnt.

The truth is within
Unsaid, unseen, embraced.

The truth is without
Loudly said, interpreted differently.

The truth is there
To be shut down by the next truth.

The truth is here
To be embraced by accepting heart.

The truth is a spectrum of colours
Layered like no clear lining.

The truth is an ocean of probabilities
Stored like no possible turns.

is truth 😁

Love Is

Love is
Smiling reading book alone,
Enjoying how alphabets marching in meaning
And weaving pieces of puzzles to be a map.

Love is
Tapping dots on a map alone,
Imagining air and land travel waiting
To happen as planned to track the unseen atlas.

Love is
Enjoying what is nor present now here
Realizing that what is not seen can be felt by heart
And wished happiness unconditionally.

Love is
Eating what is blessed alone
Remembering that Mother Earth has been so kind
Giving all she has to mankind
Without calculation.

Thank you for today.

today’s breakfast 💝


Home is
Where an equation is done.
X factor is found,
Balance is placed,
Abundance is defined
Although life is never perfect.

Home is
Where the most important things gather.
Love is respected.
Respect is loved.
Priority is defined
Although life will never be perfect.

Home is
Where a painting is displayed.
Colours are combined,
Shapes are drawn.
Beauty is defined
And imperfect life is accepted.

that one tall white tree in the middle is the eucalyptus tree decided to cut down for the sake of the house to built in a nice spot; thank you, eucalyptus; it is unfortunate that you could not be replanted with some reasons — as much as I love you (so so much), I prefer respect for a home with other trees breathing with me 💕

Drag Me

Drag me to your heart
Even if it hurts my head,
Said I.

I know you’re teasing
Even when I mean it,
Said I.

I smile in silence
Letting you laugh in joy.
Sad I’m.

Enjoy it.
Enjoy your days,
Said I.

I walk away
Leaving the last piece of my heart.
Dragging my luggage
Against my own sigh.

To you, who secretly teasing again and again and again and again. Thank you. Life is full of fun. 💗

no lift! let’s go, baby!
….and yes! became the last one even behind the gorgeous senior Japanese ladies! thanks God not the aluminium suitcase that can’t be dragged without hurting both its body and my heart 😂


Hei, kamu
Yang ada di mimpiku
Kadang datang sendiri
Kadang sebagai bayangan
Kadang menakutkan
Sering membawa senyuman.

Hei, kamu
Yang ada di langkahku
Kadang berlari menjauh
Kadang memancing ingin tahuku
Kadang menyebalkan
Sering membawa pemakluman.

Hei, kamu
Yang aku kenal tapi tak kenal
Kadang nampak cinta
Kadang nampak benci
Kadang seperti ada
Sering tak terlihat ada.

Hei, kamu.
Iya, kamu.
Kamu yang sedang berjalan
Menemui dirimu.
Kadang seperti ragu.
Seringnya tanpa bimbang melaju.

Ah, kamu!
Kamu memang kamu!


Rindu Adalah

Rindu itu
Sebutir berlian tak diasah
Teronggok begitu saja
Menanti pengasah berputar.
Tak ada yang mau.

Rindu itu
Sebiji nanas madu tak dikupas
Tergeletak di atas meja
Menanti pisau mengiris.
Tak ada yang mau.

Rindu itu
Setangkai kembang api mati
Terbujur kaku di dalam wadah
Menanti pemantik menyala.
Tak ada yang mau.

Rindu itu
Kabut tipis tentangmu
Tebal menyelimuti kaca
Menanti cuaca berganti.
Mau tak mau.

Rindu itu
Bukan tentang kamu yang lupa.
Rindu itu
Tentang aku yang tak ingat.
Mau tak mau.

Rindu itu
Rindu ini.
Sibuk sendiri
Hingga ia puas bermain
Lalu menggandengmu pergi.
Kau harus mau.

flowing river, stay in me…. loving to be home

Prancing in A Tunnel

A line of this heart remembers
What’s not even in memories.
Flowing clean river hidden in the sky—
The other line of this heart remembers
Only what’s imprinted through relations.
Murky pool standing around the earth—

Don’t have the right to be missed
With these limited memories.
This sky is hidden by the cloud—
Don’t have the right to be remembered
With absence of relations.
This earth is full of locked doors.

Can only miss what’s not imprinted.
Can only remember what’s hidden.
Still beautiful
Still amazing
Yet hidden
Yet secretive
Circled around between hearts
That read what’s not inky written.

There’s an end
To a dream.
It’s when coming true
Or coming dead.
And that’s the light at the end of a tunnel
Of light
Of wide spectrum
In which we’re prancing.

Choose your colour.

you don’t remember me, I do; you don’t see me, I do; you don’t hear me, I do; you don’t smell me, I do; you don’t taste me, I do; you don’t touch me, I do — when you close the door, I stay yet I’m blocked from you 💗

My Mother Said

My mother said
You were a cute baby
Even when crying.

My mother said
You were a beautiful toddler
Running around,
Bubbling all words.

My mother said
You were a cheerful girl
Cycling around
Climbing up trees
Playing drowning in the river.

My mother said
You were a beautiful woman
Arguing every ideas from me
Showing me your strong desires
Moving to where life brought us.

My mother said
You are an adult woman
Enjoying life differently from me
Giving me what you’ve promised to be
Loving what you love with no doubt
Living life with smiles and warm heart.

My mother said
I love you
I bless you
Wherever you are.
You’re loved
You’re blessed
However you are.

My mother called, we laughed a lot today. She said I laughed as I did when I was a baby. How happy I have been to be her daughter. Lots of hugs and kisses, Ibu.



RC Gorman’s Mother and Baby


I love
Without throbbing heart

I love
Without nervous mind

I love
Without going date

I love
Without touching each other

I love
Without intense conversation

I love
With the breeze of mountains

I love
With the wave of oceans

I love
With the dew of mornings

I love
With the sound of music

I love
With the hue of flowers

I love
With the flow of dreams

I love
With all whose reason is unseen.

How rejoicing and exciting.

(The Lover’s love to the Beloved)
love is never wasted

About Us

Your face gleams in stars
I look up alone at night.

Your words shine with suns
I search in far galaxies.

Your heart sits so high,
It’s frozen. Should I leave now?
Said I to my heart.
A line of white clouds stop me.

These feet are stuck here
Standing on dewy grasses.

It’s almost morning.
Maybe you’ll wake up, I’ll see.

It’s a bird story
Finding a place called a home.
She thinks home is far.
It lies in her heart meadow.


Penang – Oct 5, 2022 / 04:56am

Blessed Day Reclaimed

Cold morning switched off the air conditioner.
Whistling wind wildly knocked on the glass door.
Windy rain greeted Sunday morning.
What dry hanging got re-soaked — a basket of potentially re-wash.

May kindness be absent for a while?
May a pinch of disappointment be sprinkled?
May a drop of despair be shared today?

A promise was wished
To smile,
To laugh,
Or to just close eyes in unbearable
And sleep away,
Or to make noise among fire, water and oil,
Or simply splash some ink on paper or wall—

That this noisy weather
Is less noisy than the kitchen.
And it turns back to a blessed day.

Sometimes it only takes some kitchen noise to save a Sunday.

when you feel bad, boil vegetables and other stuff 🥺
and make them the best gado-gado on earth for this morning’s breakfast! Ok, Sunday, I will stay home the whole day while you get soaked by rain 🙃