Jatuh Suka (Tulus)

Looking forward to singing along with my favourite singers in Jazz Gunung Bromo soon!

Can’t wait! Can’t wait!


not easy to fall in love, will not give love up easily either — life is too precious to hate even those who hate or disrespect me 💝 yet i do it my way

Simple Food

I love most simple things including simple food. How difficult it is to be simple, said Van Gogh and I can’t agree more.

Weekend is over soon.


simple food is more complicated to be developed; material quality and process cannot be compromised with anything — material quality must be guaranteed, all processes should be done the right way (summary of Chef Renatta’s opinion about simple food)

Pak Gita & Ibu Karlina Supelli

Thank you, Pak Gita for inviting Ibu Karlina Supelli. Just so thankful for listening to her lectures virtually since my young age 🙏🏼

This humble lady has made me realise that all is about being human.

Terima kasih, Ibu Karlina.

You are blessed.

astronomer, philosopher, human right fighter

What Does Happiness Do To Them

Pak Gita in a compilation of what scholars and wise people say about happiness — some in Indonesian, some in English

Thanks for summing up. Thanks for inspiring. Thanks for living in the same era with me.

I think I can’t be more blessed to be reborn human being in this period of time as I am now.

May all beings be happy.

Thank you, Pak Gita! 🙏🏼

By That I’ve Been Taught

Tuhan, Aku Berguru Kepadamu

a poem in a song
aku berguru kepadaMu,
ajarilah bagaimana mendengarkan batu,
membaca suara,
menggenggam angin yang bisu.

kedunguan memberiku pengertian,
buta mata menganugerahi penglihatan,
kelemahan menyimpan berlimpah kekuatan.

jika aku tahu
terasa betapa tak tahu,
waktu melihat
betapa penuh rahasia gelap
yang dikandung cahaya

Tuhan, aku berguru kepadaMu,
tak tidur di kereta waktu,
lebur dalam ruang,
karena setiap satu mengandung seribu
berguru kepadaMu.

kuragukan setiap yang kutemu,
kutimba ilmu dari yang paling dungu.

aku berguru kepadaMu,
gelap dan terang saling menegaskan,
garis batasnya memusnahkan jaraknya,
pada pertentangannya memancarkan kesatuannya.

[Emha Ainun Nadjib, dari majalah Horison edisi Desember 2007]

Untukku (Chrisye)

Some songs are meant to cure headaches. And this is one of them. I’ve played it right after completing today’s work and probably will only stop it tomorrow morning.

I believe everyone has this type of songs and for those one should thank life.


this legend and one of his legendary song

Mirror in Us

It might not be clear
As the mirror is not clean.
Reflection of
You on me
Is as clear as the song sung by the breeze,
Whistling softly
On to these eardrums.

You whisper,
I could hear,
We both share unvoiced laughter.
Is that our smiles
Or grins
That we both share from miles away?

Are playing so well,
Stay hugging this heart
That shrinks with
Your coldness,
That shines with
Your old shadow.

Dear, heart.
Stay flawless mirror.
With you I see
Be it beast or beauty,
My love is worth reflecting clearly.

love reflects to a mirror called heart, the clarity depends on the clearness not the size 💕


Melody of my soul
That I wish to connect to
Has flown away.
I see
Sing another melody
Not even of my tunes.

Love is unforceable.

Sweetly I can smile.
Amazingly I can pray.
These steps are farther and farther
Pushed away by
Your icy melody to me.

my favourite melody since I didn’t know what the lyrics were about 😁 thanks to my beloved sister for introducing me to Queen
another melody i love! ice, ice baby! 🥰 thanks to my beloved sister for introducing me to Vanilla Ice!

Pak Gita & dr. Ryu

Good morning, from where I am.

why I like this neurologist? super smart and will make people feel like his friends and help us learn/unlearn/relearn based on science 👍🏼 he said in this podcast “reading is not important to all, it is important to those curious about science” 👍🏼 he also believes life is about collaboration rather than competition 👍🏼 but his tongue is spicy and salty to those trying to weakly challenge his arguments 😁