November 28, 2007
rike jokanan



After Carrie George… Greg Gardner today…

He is our CEO from LA Headquarters Office. He will be arriving this brunch time to conduct internal audit. Everybody becomes sooo tense. But, not me I mean not much for me

I sneak to write this blog also to calm down. We are loking forward to an Acceptable grading for Indonesia Office. Otherwise, we can’t go to N.J. for outing

OK, this is our day. Wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “INTERNAL AUDIT

  1. he…he, kenapa ya, kalo kedatangan ceo pada kebakaran jenggot, emang siapa dia


  2. dia sih manuais juga kayak kita. bedanya… dia diberi ketrampilan yang bisa membuat kita kebat-kebit karena harus bersiap dikoreksi sana-sini.deg-degan tapi positif juga gitu hehehehehe….and ternyata, baik tenan, talented, reliable, communicative, etc, etc emang pas banget dah jadi CEO 🙂


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