Missing Pixels

Missing you is losing some pixels from mind; life becomes less vibrant.

missing you

A Loving Visit

A loving visit beyond time and space. Salaam. Universe answers.

about the museum
when you’re loved, people still visit you even when you’re nowhere 💝
when you’re loved, you’re taken care of even when you’re nowhere
beloved – visiting him with love, see you again
beloved – visiting him with love, see you again


Written on this soul, your footsteps making sweet songs sung by the green birds.

a calligraphy about ‘Izzah (honour, dignity, respect) in Ulucami Grand Mosque, Bursa
standing firm with a blessed smile
a short visit is ok 😯
and then riding cable car to Uludag Mountain

Rabbit or Cat?

Rabbit or cat? Look closer. If it’s hopping or running. Squeak or meow?

Everyone is off on Chinese New Year….. Only on when sending CNY wishes 😊

happy year, everyone 🐇
make the best slam dunks, everyone! 🐇
enjoy good life, everyone! 🐇
happy holiday, everyone 🐇
oh…. suddenly one colleague ruined our day by saying it’s cat and not rabbit year 😁


Travel light is fun,
With so little to carry.
Prancing deer,
Safe in the forest,
No tiger,
No bear,
Just green and breeze.

Travel full is peace,
With all so prepared.
Walking elephant,
Graceful in the desert,
No hyena,
No lion,
Just sun and breeze.

Let’s travel
With light heart,
Flying eagle,
Free in the high,
No storm,
No lightning,
Just blue and breeze.

Let’s travel
With full heart,
Humming alpaca,
Peaceful in the hill,
No distress,
No agitation,
Just earth and breeze.

distracted between travel light and travel full 🥸
decided with travel full 😎 so full!

Rayuan Pulau Kelapa

There is mother whom you were born by, biological mother. There is mother where you are part of a history, motherland.

wherever I am, wherever I go, with whomever, you are my motherland — Indonesia — I am blessed to be part of you how much ever it is — thank you — 💝
Tanah airku Indonesia
Negeri elok amat kucinta
Tanah tumpah darahku yang mulia
Yang kupuja sepanjang masa
Tanah airku aman dan makmur
Pulau kelapa yang amat subur
Pulau melati pujaan bangsa
Sejak dulu kala
Melambai lambai
Nyiur di pantai
Berbisik bisik
Raja Kelana
Memuja pulau
Nan indah permai
Tanah Airku

CNY Is An Inch Away

Another new year with another long weekend. Added holiday—

most of us will take a leave to have a longer break esp combined with CNY holiday — i’ve gotta start packing 😍 Happy (another) New Year! dream come true!
seeing solanum in a flower arrangement is rare blessings
2023 is my year; major dreams come true! 💝

It Does Well

It sways flexibly
In stormy days.
It grows calmly
In sunny days.
It roots perennially
In the meadow.

It sings;
It hums;
It mutes;
It sees;
It hears;
It touches;
It tastes;
It smells;
In silence

It does well.

these flowers survive the storm and continue living in bright days on and on and on between those two situations only through a friendship with the meadow 💝

Charlie Chaplin to Us

Laughter is the breeze caressing the hair waving to the morning sun.

A posting landed on my Instagram’s Home, it was Charlie Chaplin’s small details that are meaningful to me who love to laugh but often fail to make jokes. Most of my jokes are garing (crispy-dry, not funny; Bahasa Indonesia slang). 😁


Fast Food

No food for dinner, no food tapao (take away food, Singlish & Manglish) from office cafe…. So, I was thinking of buying food online.


I found some chicken in the freezer, a lot of herbs in the basket and coincidentally picked some blimbing wuluh from the condo’s public herb garden on my way home. So garang asem or chicken in herbal coconut milk was the best decision for (late) dinner. While ideally garang asem should be wrapped in banana leaf, it was not today in my kitchen. All was just my style…. 😘

So is there really fast food? To me fast food is whatever can be cooked from whatever in the storage with no rush. 30-45 minutes is almost the same with the length of delivery time for a bowl of pho or ramen or a plate of biryani or a box of Korean chicken or a package of Indonesian anything food.

And it was super freshly fragrant delicious chicken in herbal coconut milk in the universe! 😁

I love Javanese cuisine!

Thank you for today!


there’s public herb garden right above level 1 parking area and anyone can enjoy the crop reasonably – thank you for your idea, blimbing wuluh

More pictures of blimbing wuluh

while waiting for lemongrass to arrive, other ingredients were sitting nicely on the cutting board 😍 not so fresh yet i love all of them 😍
this chicken from the freezer must come out before the CNY holiday next week! 😘
it should have been wrapped chicken in herbs but no fresh banana leaves to wrap and the amateur chef was too tired to go detailed 😁
tada! chicken in herbal coconut milk was served for dinner; the left over? for tomorrow’s lunch box 😘

About garang asem