I wrote this September 6, 2005 – a birthday present for myself

It may bore you and feel ridiculous. Yeah, it is a dialogue inside of me. You see that I have been a bit tough to myself he he he…

The end of a butterfly

Butterfly is not forever

Its beauty deals with the time

It will get time’s circular effects:

The start, the medium, the end è a process

You have a process in life. Step by step it changes you. Gradually it leads you to transformation. Slowly but surely you should notice: that process is your vehicle to surf the wave of time. You surf not stay put!

Let’s open our eyes

What have you done to the process?

Prolong it or simplify it?

For yourself you should prolong by reckoning

For others you should simplify by forgiving


Not really! Enough time is moderate.

Neither too long nor too short

Egg – Worm – Coccoon – Butterfly


It’s an early stage when the unsolidity is consolidated. They are formed by the shade, light and air. Then the shell’s broken.


It’s a phase of collecting energy. Eating, chewing, drinking – all the absorbing or taking action in one phase to be strong to survive in the next phase.


It’s a phase of purifying – fasting.


It’s the victory coming.

1, 2, 3 deals with leaves

4 deals with flowers

If no you haven’t got the 4th phase, you are still a leaf-dealer. Flower is far from the cry. Ok?

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