Having a cat is a test for me.
Bob my cat has impris0ned me with his ad0rability just after I decided to bring him m0ve fr0m a b0arding h0use to my new h0use. He was young, n0t 1 year old yet and was very playful yet fragile. He had 2 m0re fans actually but they gave this cat bitter experience. Those 2 are m0m and s0n who had bec0me my landlady n lord. The boy was mean, liked to kick and choke the cute cat whenever he felt bad including when the cat got attenti0n fr0m his friends, m0m n me. He was jealous to everybd including the p0or animal. And the w0man, she fed the cat but t0rtured it when she felt bad. Once she bit the cat with a bro0mstick just bcs the cat climbed up to her bed. Oh my p0or Bob.

Now he’s a gr0wn up cat. He kn0ws h0w to ‘get’ a sweet kitty. He kn0ws h0w to jump to my fridge with0ut making my vase fall down. He kn0ws what to grab to open the do0r. He kn0ws my latest h0me. He learns m0re tips and tricks. In short, he kn0ws h0w to manipulate me!

I don’t dislike it. It is only a stage at which I realize that reality is n0t what has c0me to our life. Bob didn’t c0me with0ut invitati0n. He bec0mes healthier with my support. He stays and leaves my h0me with my permissi0n. I create Bob’s realm in my envir0nment and in my heart. I set a c0nditi0n that c0mf0rt my own self by adding some c0mp0nents that in the process the added c0mp0nents grow their r0ots, protrude their new leaves and buds, spoil their bowing branch with fruits and… Voila! Here is a reality.

so, reality is a c0nditi0ning. It bends your mind as if it is s0mething you’ve never th0ught before. In fact, the plan is yours, the executi0n is yours, the c0nsequence is yours, the all ins and outs of your 0wn c0nditi0ning is ab0ut you. How can I blame it on Bob having impris0ned me? He only takes refuge fr0m me and I’ve misundersto0d his needing me as a helper as his wanting me as an possessor.

I d0n’t catch anym0re what to mend to be n0t t0o much possessive to that hands0me cat. Should I release him to outside of my nursery? Or should I find an0ther cat for him to play with?

No, no, no. That probably will be next c0nditi0ning leading to an unc0ntrolled reality.

Oh Life, help me balance my love to reality. Or else, I’ll die crying for m0re bothering realities.

5.35pm N77 lia cikokol

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