I need a nickname of you for me to call you

So that I know that we are close – as close as two lovers in the dark.

A nick name

With which

I am special to have one to identify you.

And for you to recognize me as the only one intimately.

A nick name

In which

I can spell you out in the nick of time.

And you guess who I am, your lover.

A nick name


Nobody uses to address you.

And everybody knows that it is ours.

A nick name

Just for both of us

Not for fame or reputation among heads.

It’s just a nick name we both carry.

Should we make your nickname together?

Or do you let me christen you?

Or do you fix a phrase for me?

Or is this nick name hung on a star and be known by universe?

A nick name…

I miss a nick name

With which I worship you

Without any doubt that I am right and they are wrong.

12 September 2009 – 3:07 pagi menjelang sahur

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