It doesn’t matter how I overcome my sadness but what is happening to me now is more than sadness I’ve ever undergone. It is just like a state of mind in which I can’t understand but I can feel the existence.

That person’s energy crash on my soul membrane and cause a trauma. What energy? It is a kind of collision among different ideas that might have caused negative impact on daily interaction. Is it serious? Not really for me but for the relationship between me and that person it may be an inconvenience especially for that person. The person is so sensitive about one thing: what to believe.

For me to befriend, you should not ask whatever you believe in life as long as the friendship bears one thing: trust not to betray each other. Once someone asks me what I believe, it is a sign that that person likes to judge, deep down in one’s heart. One may say one doesn’t judge but it is likely to experience judgment from one. It won’t be really good… It won’t.

Do you believe in something? Yes, you should.

But do you have to proclaim what you believe in front of people you are interacting with? No, you don’t.

Let’s socialize in this very small world in elegant way. What is elegance in friendship? That is to believe that whatever your friends believe, make sure that your belief is not your basis to judge them.

Have a safe journey of life, my dear friends. It is an honor to be with you in this very now and here. J

Tangerang – November 27, 2011 – 9:00pm

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