Approval (is not for personal matter)

The older I am, the more stupid I am thinking I am…


Sometimes I need more approval from others to ensure myself that I am good enough. What for? Life is for self enjoyment – not for others’ happiness. Even if someone should be useful for others it is self fulfillment, kind of dedication in life, not too much care about they have done to others. Success in making others happy is just side effect of being happy with oneself.


Yesterday I opened one card of mine and it was bison on it.

Bison is symbol of abundance – all is provided to…. None in my life should not be thanked. It is such a wonderful state to be thanked, enjoyed and most importantly shared….


What a wonderful story to write in this blog.

I believe that next life would still consider me exist when it is recorded somewhere. Hey, I am thinking those all drawings in the cave were made by unpopular cavemen in their isolated loneliness. They were not the considered-best people in their era but they were actually brilliant enough to be a good memory of their times. Popular people in that time were probably too busy with politics and some more intriguing happenings. So, why should we are craving for others’ approval? Life is just chains of expression to survive its memory. Yeah…. We are just afraid that we lose our memory, that people will forget us, that time will ignore us. in fact, big no no. Let’s just be free soul to write, to draw, to speak, to sing, to do all things OUT LOUD!


So, let’s just leave all kinds of approval behind our personal life. Let our work be the ones with approvals. The rest, let’s surf with all our heart…..!



Singapore – November 4, 2013 – 17:17Image




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