Nagoya, First Steps On Japan

Another business trip and I just can’t stop thanking the Universe for giving me the life of abundance of freedom and freeness. What should I do but working as the best performer in my own scales? No need to compete, no need to crave for more recognition ‘coz the deeds are the rewards themselves. Thanks

. _DSC1107

Nagoya Castle under the Sep’ 9’s (almost) full moon

_DSC1121 _DSC1122

Moon was shining just two nights before it was brightly blinding.


This is the reflection of castle and moon on my room window glass.

_DSC1125 _DSC1129_2

Incredibly amazing, the effect of light has brought. From Nagoya we rode to Nagano. I stayed in a resort called Komagane Kogen Resort Linx. A nice resort with friendly people – staffs and guest alike. Mountains and country side have always been the soulmate. What a smart gift for my birthday! Thanks again.

_DSC1156  _DSC1161

A unique watch just in front of the resort building and a small lake full with happy fish _DSC1159  _DSC1143

Komagate mountainous area viewed from resort area

_DSC1169 _DSC1174

Down the road, shiny and warm… Before the front door is a small water fall…. _DSC1176 _DSC1181

Fresh hibiscus greeted me every morning. Thanks, my Universe.

Kyoto, Japan — September 12, 2014 – 11:53pm (local time)

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