Gonna Teach Myself How

Dear Readers, please read it in fun tone. No seriousness here indeed.

Do I feel stupid sometimes? Or, always? Most of the time.

How do I respond for feeling it? Happy as always. Not always, most of the time. See, how stupid I am, not even being able to identify the frequency of my doing or feeling this and that. So, how?



A pamelo from a friend

Feeling stupid is a good start, to be better. So, if people feel stupid everyday, it means they get better day by day – never ending stupid is never ending learning plus never ending getting wiser. Never ending seems so tiring. So, how?

When was the last time I made mistake? Just today. Do I plan to make mistake again? I don’t…. I know I will make more. Oh gosh, does learning take place? Hmm…. I think it does.

Do I get smarter? Yes, but why do I ask so many questions even about small things? How should I handle my self? How should I present my self? How can I solve all these?

Only one way – Am gonna teach myself how to….

But how?  🙂

Singapore – September 25, 2014 – 10:46pm