BBM, Whatsapp, Line, Viber…. Mention more!


It is such a hassle to get some requests to install those applications from different people from different regions with actually the same purpose. Lazy…. But I’ve gotta choose one or two. Or even three or more?

To communicate.

BBM (Blackberry Messenger), Whatsapp, Line, Viber, Tango, Facebook Messenger…. Remember we had Skype, SMS (Short Message Services), iMessage (free messaging between iPhone users), Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, long list…. What a complete channeling. 🙂


We are becoming more and more aware that communication is vital to keep ourselves “alive”. Yes, it is a means of survival. You can never sustain if you don’t do it properly. You can “not eat” or consume any intake for the whole day but you can never live without interaction. Without some of those apps, people – not all, just those who are (sometimes) away from you and using gadgets – would consider you are gone, not exist, die…. Forgotten, neglected, name it.


Communication is about sharing idea and feeling but communicating your idea in silence is what  I am thinking of while sharing this to you, dear friends. Imagine there are both Android and IOS in your living being system – any word you call it: brain, mind, heart, spirit, soul, awareness, whatever. Remember our system is much more sophisticated than any operating systems ever made in the history so if none of smartphones can contain both Android and IOS at the same time, human beings’ awareness can! Have you watched Johnny Depp’s Transcendence? More or less our system is depicted there.

So, either is telling the other about something. Each of them is trying to send messages using Blackberry Messenger. If either hasn’t been installed with BBM yet, nothing is delivered. So….

Do I talk to myself? Yes, every now and then

Do I scream to myself? Often I guess.

Do I whisper to myself? Sure….

Do I listen to myself? I doubt.

Often time I listened to outer voices: family, friends, environment…. I listened to you and them but I ignored songs of my heart. How rigorously I denied whispers, reminders, warnings, soft alarms, sobs… all inner songs sung by myself to myself in myself. Just because it isn’t loud enough? Nope! I guess just because I was oblivious – that people know more about this life than I do, people are smarter, people deserve more, and so on that people are better than me are what had occupied my thought.

  • Well, either the Android or IOS in my system hadn’t recognized BBM installation. Or even both…. 🙂

Let’s consider BBM as a language agreed to use by interlocutors, to exchange ideas and feelings. “Hey, I am angry…. Please stop catering what they want.” A short message from inside to outside then your body has to quit from entertaining those annoying people.

“Hey…. I am tired, please stop thinking too much.” Then your inner system will shut down, your body sleeps.

Of course human beings know that language – it’s indigenously gifted, heart is talking like forever. Definitely we know how to communicate with our own selves. It’s only about preparing willingness to stop the busyness of either our Android or IOS when they are alone. BBM in our system is where we silent our mind to digest the message between those two apps in here, not out there.

Are you ready? You are the decision maker.

To summarize the need of installing Line, Viber, Tango, Facebook Messenger; please inviters consider my struggle to take care of my own self now…. And, probably you want to do the same thing, too.

…. Can I communicate well with people using any kinds of apps if I don’t even have the keen to communicate with myself? Would you be able to listen to people if you are not patient enough to give your hearing to your own ideas and feelings? How much space will we give to people if we don’t spare a bit for our own?

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.00.50 pm

So, who will send me another request? What messenger this time?

I think we need to create a new one: I’myown Messenger 😛


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Petaling Jaya, November 18, 2014 – 12:00am

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