Some People Are Just Cruel

Real time writing:

I am now in an airport, waiting for my flight to Singapore after a fast biz trip in Clark. It is not about my flight what I want to share with you, it is a about other passengers that might be in the same flight with me.

When I was checking in. For the boarding pass, I saw around nine kennel boxes with puppies inside. They are so cute. Soooo cute!!! They are waiting for boarding. They were very calm, didn’t bark, just looked around. Three kennel boxes of medium sized were loaded with two puppies — those puppies were staring at me with their gentle eyes. Other five smaller kennel boxes were loaded with one puppy each and those buddies were calm and sweet. One bigger puppy with so thick hair was put in the biggest kennel box and this dude look confused like thinking “where am I going to go? What are those human beings doing queuing?” And this guy is luckiest because he is the only puppy with a small bottle of water attached to the kennel box.

Please imagine. Those dogs are going to fly for more than three hours and before and after flight they have to wait in a small kennel boxes: eight of them WITHOUT WATER and the one with very big body and thick hair with VERY LITTLE WATER.

I told one lady that those dogs should be given water and the lady agreed. We didn’t see anyone care about those buddies. They maybe think “they are just dogs, no special  treatment needed”.

Entering the immigration gate, I heard those sweet buddies barked – now still barking among the crowd of people battering and buzz of AC machines and wheels of luggage trolleys dragged. For water! For food! I saw one of the already suck the towel – maybe the towel is wet with his/her pee and that’s the only liquid s/he can consume.

I don’t think an owner will do that to his/her pet, except s/he is an ignorant pet owner. So I decided to tell that those dogs will be for sale in Singapore pet shop and the seller or breeder or transporter just don’t care about the welfare of the animals. They just want money. They consider those dogs as assets and the shoppers will consider the same or even worse as entertainers. Some people are just CRUEL.

I’m now in front of the gate before boarding, more and louder barking dogs are echoing. Not only echoing in my ear but also through my soul…..

I won’t be tired to whisper: please be strong, buddy. It is only some hours. I pray for your good life, better life, best life across the sea. Please don’t die because you are tough to reach the next terminal to pay for your karma.

I hope to see you even I don’t know that it’s you…. Thank you for your willingness to exchange blessings.

  • no picture taken or shared because it’s just too cruel to record without really helping

I am sorry, buddies. I’m recording you without really working.

And they are still barking.

Manila – September 18, 2015 – 08:15am

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