Low Demanded Yet….

There is someone who keeps feeding me that oneself is being better and qualified than me; who thinks that one makes best decision just because one came earlier on the spot.

But I don’t buy in. But I won’t support one. One should realise that one should learn about oneself. Wise than smart Polite than firm? Nice than strict.

Hi, One. I’ll help you shine but don’t ever ask me to take aside my logic. If you want to shine the way you are, just do. I have my own way to shine.

I’m learning about myself. I can be wise and smart, polite and firm, nice and strict. Even it doesn’t make me popular, I won’t mind. My life is not to earn one’s approval, it is to earn One’s approval.

Oh my…. I’m being low demanded yet in silent this soul is loaded with rich knowledge and experiences.
After a discussion of one project that might not work if using my humble yet logic flow

GH Kuala Lumpur, March 2, 2016 – 23:28

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