Packing For Off – haiku

She’s packing for off.

Trunk is big enough for all.

Three more days to go–

Singapore – September 1, 2019 / 22:45

The excitement of holiday mixed with stressors has urged that I need to relax. It is my God-knows-how-many-times of my solo traveling, always giving me excitement. But this one is the second special one coz I’ll visit my 2nd dream land – Gosh, the visa itself put my biz trips in a risk of cancellation.

And so I did some early packing two weeks ago but found that my luggage was not big enough to contain the ones in the packing list. I decided to buy a trunk just yesterday and repacked this afternoon. The new trunk which has bigger room fits the packing list (minus my Wellington that will be in one day before flight). What a relief!

Some stress is lingering around me though. All work must be completed as I don’t wanna owe any prioritised tasks during my day off. So I’ve worked like crazy for the past one week – but fun was always inserted, like checking trivial things in the Pinterest, WP and IG. I deactivated my Facebook because it has given me too much non sense and I’ve been feeling so well without this bloody social medium.

Been so confused about my emotions recently and so dumb about my own naked honesty and stupidity…. So, I hope this year’s holiday can bring me some enlightenment back to my inner peace.

Life, I know all that come are always lessons for me. I know you’ve served me with what I bravely requested. I know you’ve managed to make me even stronger and more flexible. Just one more request: would you mind making it clearer?


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