You’re Getting Antique – haiku

You’re getting antique,
Put on pedestal: high price,
Alone, not lonely.

Between two islands (WIB to WITA) – January 9, 2020 / 19:19


The more understanding someone is about life, the heavier one’s thought is before expressing, yet the lighter one is from many worries – ideally…. One becomes more quiet, or still talks but with better perspective – ideally….

Then we meet people.
Sometimes because of our experience people respect us but the more respect we receive, the more suffering we will be if….
…. if we think life is merely about reaching a certain position based on others’ respect.

Or, we think our experience is not well recognised and we feel frustrated. We become blindly hardworking, slave around to get recognition, smile around fake. Gosh! Life becomes a burden than a blessings.

Relax, my Love. Life is beautiful enough with self respect. Others are not judges, they are just fellow Travelers who oftentimes think they are better than you.

Build your own pedestal, dear Self. One that is made of positivity, sincerity and integrity. That’s enough for you to enjoy the rest of your life with those genuine around you.

May all beings be happy.

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