Three Cats In One Day – haiku

Three cats in one day
Challenged what sharing’s about:
Sacrifice or deed?

Bali – February 21, 2020 / 22:13

Cat seems to be a natural attraction for me, either I’m attracted to them or they are to me. Good thing is cat is sweet and adorable so I (almost) never reject cat.

Today I found at least three cats; six actually but only three were framed through the camera, the rest were too fast to catch or too serene to disturb.

Cat has taught me a lot of thingS especially about how to be relaxed yet of fully alarmed at the same time. My first pet cat, Bob was the best teacher on those two things – hope he is now happy across the bridge seeing me more and more relaxed with my own self. What he did was true sincerity, not a mathematical take and give. Thank you, Bob Kucing!

May all beings be happy.
May all feline be adorable and loved.


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