Why Are You Afraid – haiku

Why are you afraid
Of using the word love? Yet
You said “I love cake”.

Singapore – March 20, 2020 / 19:16

Some friends asked me why I like using the word “love”. They said I’m too much about love. I’m ok with using that word because word is mutually agreed in society to express emotion and/or idea to each other. So it is either emotion or idea, OR both emotion and idea. So don’t get me wrong…. Not that I’m selling love in clearance sale everywhere but it is just me loving to love many things including what I do….! And, it is never too much to love….. only if you understand.

Some people say:
I love reading
I love apple
I love my country
I love my dress
I love pink
What’s wrong with love?
Are you allergic to love?
Can you feel love?
Maybe you only know lust, not love

Above sentences with the word love are so normal to me, should be to you if you are normal. 😌

One of my best friends said “word can become sick” – it is when the word is not used because people are afraid of being judged because of using that word; and the way we heal the word is by using it with compassion and not leaving it when we are supposed to use it. If selecting a diction has hampered you from expressing true feeling or idea, you’ve gotta look within because the word feels sick to the human beings who are sick!

If you are afraid of saying I love you to your mom, there might be a twist of emotion in you.

If you think love is only between two people romantically, you’d better start healing your own self because you may be sick…. 😁

Gotta enjoy my wonderful weekend…. with love…. 💝

May all beings be happy…. 🙏🏼🥰


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