And Then Her Heart Broke – ranting

And then her heart broke.
Pieces of which are scattered
In this self journey.

Singapore – Apr. 23, 2020 / 22:04

You can find many pictures in Pinterest showing how human beings help and love each other but also destroy and hurt each other. Some pictures so touching remind me to childhood friends who have gone from contact list.

As a child I lived with my parents -both civil servants assigned in one remote area in the edge of a teak wood forest in East Java- working to take care of the people’s health in one dry district where we met unexpectedly poor community at that time.

I remember I had schoolmates whose parents were not able to buy them new clothes or school bags. Some students in my school wore shoes only on certain days to keep their shoes last long. Some had to help their parents sell something -snack, toys, kites, anything sellable- after school. Hey! They were laughing every day though. They laughed at their own life story, which I thought not ok to do so.

Sad? Yes, seeing the poverty. But they were happy people although others might think they were not lucky. Maybe that’s why it is easy for me to get stirred to see unfortunate situations as part of childhood memory but at the same time it takes very cheap things to make myself happy as part of lesson learned ☺️

In later age I grew up in a more structured culture, modernised and lack of empathy. I found some people act fake: fake smile, fake friendship, all fake as long as not fake money they were fine. People ground each other to win. Cruel!

Since then I promised to do all best to work in a place that promotes balance between business and people, that enables me to improve people’s welfare.

Once I taught children for free when I was in uni. I joined organisations that helped the underprivileged. I volunteered in free school programs for society. Ideal thing to fight against poverty. Me against the world! Gosh! Why was I so serious?

And now? Me against me! Realising the wicked problem is all within me…. So funny!

May all beings be happy. 🙏🏼

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