What’s In My Steamed Cupcake – ranting

There is so much to learn in a cup of steamed cupcake.

There is love surrounding it. There is pain inserted to it. There is patience blended in it. There is hope. There is despair. There is smile and frowning at the same time.

I love learning to cook but the process of searching and trying the best recipe has been part of the journey. Some recipes were just failure and more were not shown to public because I have not enough patience to read my nasty good friends’ comments – trust me their love is bigger than their sarcasm but I still can’t deal with it.

I always hope that I have more time to try on more recipes but there are a lot of limitation that bump me like the bumper-cars on the arena – work, household chores, books, movies…. Name it. But the despair is more about thinking too much of who will eat the food as I am alone in this small apartment. Sometimes I will just call the cleaning lady to bring some home, or ask her to share it with the other cleaning staffs and security guards – some despair is just not reasonable and mine isn’t exception.

Yet I still love learning to cook, exploring ingredients and techniques, trying some different cooking from different places of the world. I’m not big fans of culinary but all the food that I’ve made myself has built some side of mine to know that I still want to go around the world some day to try on the original food in its place of origin.

Just smile more and frown less.

Here is the process of my steamed cupcake today! The result isn’t as good as the real recipe yet I smile at myself for today’s joy.

May all beings be happy.


Ingredients of my simple steamed cupcake

These are the cup and paper sent by my friend from Jakarta.

Mix, mix, mix….

Put pandan pasta into half of the dough

I know it is not even… The recipe said for 8 cups but maybe the size of the cup is different from mine. No problem!

Into the steamer….

8 cupcakes: 3 successful, 5 “next time better” – still it made me happy!

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