The Buckets – haiku

How many buckets?

Mine’s 3: trust, know and not know.

Overloaded not know….

I realise that the three buckets in my life don’t get loaded evenly. While the buckets of trust and know are not even half filled, my not know is overloaded.

Trust the the process. Never thrust on what result you expect. Just stop there until time discloses what you need to gain from what you trust. If it doesn’t come, it is simply not yours. Even if I’ve gotta cry my soul out? Yes, even if I’ve gotta cry my soul out!

Dear, Beloved. You’ve broken my heart thousands of time but I still go home to You….

Know as much as you need to respond ‘coz you need to well reason to work with Fellow creatures. Don’t state what you doubt and keep the integrity high.

Dear Self, be sure that you have enough knowledge about your decision and what you are doing. That way you don’t crave for others’ approval to feel content.

Don’t be ashamed of not knowing ‘coz the Universe is not only knowledge to boast or bluff but also mystery to embrace….

Dear Beloved, if ever knowing has made people proud; please keep me like now— not knowing, to keep me humble and happy.

Three buckets are silently sitting on a shelf in a corner of my heart….

May all beings be happy


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