Constipation – laughing

Life is sometimes like a lottery, you get multiple of what you paid or not at all. Today I took a taxi whose driver made me feel like winning a lottery.

This 68-year-old driver is a smart and fun guy. At the beginning I thought he was probably a manager in a big company once when he was younger. Hey, once I met one taxi driver who used to work in my current company – at around 80’s he was offered retrenchment with good amount of severance payment due to the company financial condition. So this guy might be of the same situation before.

He told me that he used to live Indonesia then moved to US before finally deciding to go home to this tiny rich dot between Indonesia and Malaysia.

Then he asked me if I mind him talking. I said politely I was ok as I like listening to people talking and ranting as much as I love to do to them.

Along the way from Kramat Road to my home he didn’t stop talking, he shared a lot of his experience of working in trading world. He also demonstrated his ability of speaking Bahasa Indonesia. He talked about his parents, wife, children and grandchildren and one of his expertise: making jokes!

He made me laugh with at least 3 jokes but his last joke was coming as a successful punch line.

“There is a new movie, but you probably not yet seeing it.”

“What’s the title, uncle?”


“Oh, I’ll watch when it is showing.”

“But it’s not coming yet.”

“No, I mean I’ll watch when it is”.

“No, it is not.”

“What’s the title? I’ll stay tuned.”


“Oh ok, I’ll watch it for sure.”

….. a long pause

“Oh my goodness! You mean it is not coming because it is constipation?!!! Goodness! It is the best joke of the week! Hahahaha” My laughter exploded.

“Thank you, Ma’am.”

Look! Life is like a lottery. You can be gloomy in the morning but who knows what life is giving you in the evening! An old humble taxi driver in face mask and you are also in face mask but only good talk and good will have changed the day into a blessed day starting Friday welcoming weekend.

Thanks, uncle taxi driver! God bless you and family.

May all beings be happy

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