Mask – ranting

I’m so bored with the surgical mask that I must wear when going out of home so I decided to find pretty face masks which has space for filter to insert. I purchased two cotton lace face mask from Uluwatu Balinese Handmade Lace online but the shipment from Ubud will be delayed. So today I bought two pretty face masks: light blue and red — the red one was an impulsive buying just because I got lured by the shop assistant saying red color is nice for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Just sharing, this pandemic has made me an uncomfortable yet comfortable human being with mask.

Comfort sometimes comes when the anonymous feeling is integrated into activities. People don’t know who you are so you can do whatever you want, you don’t care if what you do will leave footprints in their life. You just wear your mask and go away, with devil smile and false victory.

Yet the layers of the mask can cause sense of being suffocated – at least to me. When I’m in my mask, I’ll pull my mask away from my face now and then to breath “normally”; I usually do it when there is no one around or I’m in a very very safe distance from others.

Mask gives me anonymity but at the same time limitation — both to be real. Yes- some people are honest when in mask like when the buzzers are stalking their enemies in the virtual world shouting out their deepest rage without shame, some others look awkward in mask though and the others are just the same….

Do you wear mask?


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