Daffodils Symbolises Honesty (Not Wisdom)

Honest daffodils?
Or a taken-for-granted?
Self, observe. Don’t judge.
Bitter herbs or twigs, both work—
If you’re sick or you’re a jerk.

To ponder….

One feature of honesty is a physician giving bitter herb to take when one wants to drink sweetest soda; telling one the truth about what one has gone through and what’s the consequence in taking decision #1, #2 or #3. Man of wisdom….

Another feature of honesty is a child playing with a twig in one’s hand uncontrollably being happy, dancing around people and not considering that the twig in one’s hand has swiped or scratched others’ face or hands or bodies or torn clothes; craving to be understood and watched. Student of life….

On the first and for the second are just perspective. People around us declaring themselves honest or blunt can be either the physician or the child or even both at the same time; it depends on how we respond.

Observe, and see: a physician is those who will stay when you scream of the bitterness, a child is those who are cranky and leave you when you tell one to stop playing the twig that might hurt others.

May all beings be happy.

picture borrowed from https://florgeous.com/aster-flower-meaning/

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