Handwriting Drill

Lines of working ants
Build meaning through voice and tones.
Hiragana drill—
once per day!

When learning foreign languages with totally different alphabets, no choice but investing time to drill yourself! Up to now I’m still spending some time everyday to write Hiragana and Katakana characters to improve handwriting. My Sensei has shown or told me about the handwritings of one young learner which according to her is consistent and cute. Alamak….! The elementary schooler has pulled my confidence down 😂 To me, mine is more beautiful but yes my handwriting is bigger and not so cute especially at Friday class after my work. Feeling excited to learn at the same time wanting to put this head on the thick dictionary 🤯

While Hiragana look damn cute and elegant like marching ants, it’s a constant test as the ratio among the curves, line and dots are not precise after months of exercise. Katakana characters looking more rigid and alike with just straight lines and stripes have misled me – I thought it’s easier but NO! Baby step, baby step! Drill writing, drill reading, drill speaking, drill listening.

頑張って to myself! 😁

For those liking to learn art of Japanese handwriting there is a very good content creator in YouTube that I also like to refer to for “golden ratio” of Japanese characters.

This guy is a super calligrapher! God bless him!

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