Sura Dira Jaya Ningrat, Lebur Dening Pangastuti – Javanese Wisdom

Sura dira jayaningrat, lebur dening pangastuti

This sentence is two lines of a verse written by a Javanese mystical poet Ranggawarsita, which is sung through Kinanthi—a Javanese rhymed-metered composition characteristically bringing in happiness, joy, compassion; giving advice and providing role models.

Word by word meaning

  • sura: courage
  • dira: power
  • jaya: victory
  • ningrat: prominent/ dominant/ worldly/ macro cosmos
  • lebur: blend/ dissolve/ neutralise/ balance/ transform
  • dening: by/ through/ with (not causative, a tool is required after the word dening)
  • pangastuti: prayer/ dedication/ abdication/ compassion

Many Javanese understand it in a context of “the evil power will be overpowered by good one”.

Not incorrect. Yet I humbly prefer a different shade of interpretation that is more suitable to my journey: “a dominating forceful masculine energy balanced and dissolved by loving surrendering feminine energy will proportionally develop personal empowerment”.

The interpretation can be a reminder for this careless persona to be centered now and then.

To be centered isn’t always to be seated on victory of getting all what’s wanted, not about proving true-false, not claiming who is in control (direct or indirect), not about whose perception-projection is right.

To be centered is about: knowing that what’s dominating should be dissolved and neutralised, that willingly letting go is equivalent to gracefully taking the blame of making own mistakes, realising that one’s self is dreaming sweet about someone but becoming a nightmare for that someone, about closing one’s own loop where one goes around the bush, getting clarity that all is one-on-one one-to-one one-for-one one-from-one one-at-one one-off-one never about any others.

Passing another field of confusion and guilt is such a gift for this person. No victory is needed, this is not a scored game. Travel lighter, my own Self.

May all beings be happy.


loro blonyo, masculine and feminine energy that should be inseparable in harmony

Useful link of loro blonyo:

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