Be The Right Element

Fire, Beloved,
Burns. Hot. Fast. Deadly. Don't play
Until you are friends.


Even fire can be our friend and play with us. Make sure it doesn’t burn us. How? Either be water or earth when getting along with fire, never be wood or metal.

I’ve seen how anger consumes human beings’ life. It is not easy dealing with it, especially when it is inside. Yet is anger really an anger? Or just sadness, fear or unhappiness that are expressed inappropriately due to restriction in certain society?

Or, some people don’t even know that they are in rage. They don’t know what they are feeling. What they know is they feel annoyed, humiliated, or frustrated. Been there…. 🤓

When it is unbearable, go to the park and lie down on the grass or take ablution or take a bath.

Gosh! It is no easy to deal with an angry cashier or taxi driver. Hope they solve their real problems soon and be happy so people around them are not victimised, including the customers.

Happy weekend!

May all beings be happy esp those cashier and taxi driver. 💐

fire flower – make sure your anger is appropriately expressed

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types of basic emotion

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