Once upon a time:
A phrase introduced early,
Permanently stayed—


When I was a child, adult people around me would tell kinds of stories especially under the full moon, and they always started the tales with once upon a time.

Although knowing that the tales were fictional, we children would still believe that those characters lived at the same time with us, it was just a distance apart, and that the lessons ought to be seriously taken by us— the naive little human beings. We have grown where making mistakes (formulated by moral values) is a shame, we were afraid of becoming those antagonist with unhappy endings in the stories told to us.

Storytelling is powerful indeed. How would I believe that behaving to parents without saying no is paramount in a human being’s life if it was not because of “Malinkundang” tale.

It took me years and years to understand that being well behave can be by saying no to anyone possible; and it was also because of listening to “Malinkundang” from different point of view.

It is at the end the sovereignty that frees human beings from their own toxicity. And it all starts with free questioning and responsible reasoning.

Wisdom isn’t about saying yes or no, it’s about saying yes or no in an appropriate way with respect to self and others.

Hey! I can’t say no to being vegetarian until I run errands and feed my fridge. 😁

situational vegetarian season #2 😁 – Cold Storage must miss me much!