Ribbons With Messages

There is a crystal clear ribbon
Flying through a cavity
Bringing a message
About love
To whom
I say
“This painting is made for you from the first stroke to the last dot in the artist’s signature.”

I’m mixing colours to find the best hue to paint you.
I’m balancing the real and unreal to find the vibe of you.
I’m panning my own work to find if this is truly a gift or stolen relic from you.

I keep these hands engraving
But eyes focusing on you.
All to find you.

And every second I can see myself reading another message on another ribbon:
“Is this a hide-and-seek?
Or simply a peek-a-boo?”

Ahh! You maybe only smile, enjoying the scene of how funny this could be.


won’t stop learning how to depict what’s in mind on physical media 🖼