Short History

A tree was a seed
Nurtured through time. Some is missed,
Killed before sprouting.


I had some conversation about friendship with a friend. She said she just experienced an underestimation. I said to her that it is not a new thing, people like us should befriend with it; that underestimation will never negatively affect her if she does two things, one of which is staying calm.

In many cases underestimation is like manure thrown on to soil, looking and smelling bad but triggering growth of natural fertilisers. What happens next is predictable: what won’t grow beautifully? Just know that with the growth of flowery plants, annoying weeds will also be around.

Don’t let others’ negative actions ruin your good characters, my friend. I’m here silently always a friend.

Then at the end of the convo she asked me “Why you never reply my comments in Instagram?” Bloody hell! 🥸

won’t let my soil kill any seeds 🥰

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