The Evil Giant Is Soon To Fall

When the evil giant is in danger,
What will he do?

I see the giant beats the air like a storm.
The giant kicks the trees blindly.
The giant screams on the top pitch with anger.
The giant pushes down all fences around him and stomps on everything and everyone on his way.

The giant rages wildly forgetting the land isn’t only flat plateau.
Hidden canyons can put things to an end.

Hey, evil giant!
Why don’t you open your eyes?
No one steals your food. It’s you having stolen their food and now they’re taking it back from you!
And open your eyes!
A deep dark canyon full with poisonous snakes, sharp dagger-like thorns and hungry fire ants is far more dangerous than the bear, tiger or T-Rex. With those creepy crawly you simply don’t see them coming.

Hey, evil giant!
You’ve created too many broken hearts and broken hopes.
You’ve torn apart many other creatures’ pride and property.
If you don’t stop,
See what’s coming.

The evil giant doesn’t listen.
There’s something about his pride nobody can understand.
There’s something about his greed nobody can accept.
He still walks in rage, this time with hidden fear and shame.
He knows he’s going to fall but he denies any fact to it.

I know he’s going to fall.


Very very soon.


God rescue and protect the weak, the ill-treated, the oppressed from the oppressors.

War? Yes it is also about war; but not only that. It is about those who are the victim of any kind of oppression, harassment, abuse, discrimination.

Alfatihah ❣️

Mahesasura, the evil giant in Javanese shadow puppet — he wants everything, at the end gets killed by Subali the white monkey king

Singapore – Apr. 13, 2022 / 20:00