Count it
Save it
Spend it

Whatever wanted,
Through a nature

They grow together.

What a show!
It gives relief
And chokes
At the same.

Hey, Money!
You’re so genuinely
Mirroring me.


One wise friend told us that money will not change a human being into a good one; it only resonates what is.

Look at Scrooge McDuck. He may be naturally greedy and stingy. When he has all those dollars and coins, he doesn’t even pay Donald Duck decent salary as an employee who is at the same time his relative. His money resonates his nature!

Look at Belle. She may be naturally kind and intelligent in a small village. When she becomes the wife of a rich Beast, she is kind in even larger society. Wealth resonates her nature!

Undeniably the only matter most people want to dive in after water is probably money. It makes life breathable they said. Hilariously true, paradoxical.

Note: Money, a non discriminative belief system that will either makes someone’s life truly meaningfully valuable or vaguely temporarily luxurious. Our choice! Remember that $100 here is $100 there, no matter what one’s ethnic groups, race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, political interest, etc is.

May all beings be happy.

diving in to this – what a luxurious experience 😎