Bullet Points of Love

– Learning to use the word love has never been easy.

– It was not a word what I uttered to people cared so much although loving vibe was there.

– Where I was born love was never a word to tell, only expression and action naturally sensed everyday.

– Day by day, place to place walked and camped away from the nest has introduced me particular words in many different languages with the same vibe and function.

– It was battle after battle, more losing than winning that finally pulled me to a realisation that that word can never be wasted.

– A word that sums up the scattered things among what is felt, what is thought and what is expressed.

– The word that I learnt with heavy head as it was awkward to say, clumsy to hear, and risky to offer.

– Yet the word knocked on my heart more intensely.

– It didn’t give up until at one turn it was taken for granted that every baby is born to recognise it to label the depth of intension for the rest of its life.

– Love is a magical word indeed uttered either to thinly sugar coat or to sincerely deep dive.

– Love though acts like a sieve welcoming fine dust that can enter a micro hole, leaving coarse material too grand to strain.

– Love gives me bright days with smiles from the understanding.

– Love discloses grins and groans from the disbelieving.

– Love makes life lighter with its innocent bouncing.

– Love makes heavy life heavier if not let go.

Candi Plaosan, the temple of love 💝 (from Pinterest)

– This word is just a word….


– This word has made me more acceptant to the present.

– This word has transformed the way I see the past.

– The load and content and context around this word have beautifully shaped my perception about future.

– I don’t listen anymore when people tell me love is for the weak and the spoiled.

– Love is for the vulnerable yet ready to face the reality.

– Love is for the fragile yet tough in losing battle but winning the war.

– True Javanese think that love is as vast as this life itself. It is not stagnant. It expands. It doesn’t only connote branta or wuyung. Love is also built as tresna, asih, sih and welas asih.

– I will use this word more to and for those closer to my heart and soul.

These bullet points are sponsored by a terrible headache. 😁

- branta, wuyung: love directly related to infatuation, young love, puppy love, pure romance
- tresna, asih: love as universally used, can be any love
- sih: deep love, mature love, love related to soul to soul or heart to heart connection
- welas asih: love based on humanity

Singapore – Jun. 21, 2022/20:22