I Slowly Spell Your Name

Though not a true ID,
Your name ships all senses to
An existence.

A name that I spell slowly,
A name representing silence and unattendance,
Almost ignorance.

Your name
A password
To where a gap between real and unreal resides?

Your name
A padlock
With which a visitor busily matches the key?

Your name
Sugar leaf
With which a cup of tea gets sweetened with its dissolving?

Your name
Coffee powder
Which settles at the bottom of a cup after its releasing caffein and acidity?

Your name
A myth
That resembles history?

Tell me
The story of
Your name.

Your name
I slowly spell
Every time
A face flickers
Around this nerve system.

Indeed a name isn’t a true ID. The ID is more than just the given name.

Namamu Kueja Pelan-Pelan by Pusakata