Endgame by Gita Wirjawan

Excellent people highlight other excellent people. Hope Gita Wirjawan’s dream to build his “Darul Hikmah”(“House of Wisdom” where scholars dedicate their expertise and vision for the good of the humankind) come true to bring this nation to its brilliantly wonderful era.

God bless you, Pak Gita!

Some latest Endgame shows worth watching – long talk, might need patience and passion to enjoy.

This region needs leaders whose strength level of leadership is at least the same as Soeharto (minus his corruption & dictatorship), Mahathir Mohamad (minus the history of racism among races), Lee Kuan Yew (minus $&@¥£€%~), Marcos (minus his corruption & dictatorship), King Rama IX (minus &@$)(/????) so we can be decently respected. The current most leaders are all like “kerupuk melempem”, corrupt and weak.
literacy – wish my nephews love it more 🪶
protecting Mother Earth through public policy 👍🏼