Frequent Flyer’s Cabin Bag (ranting)

When starting being a frequent flyer in 2007, I didn’t know it would change my life to a level that was never even prepared. No one briefed me what to bring and what to do except that I had to apply for passport and sometimes visa. So it was about trial and error.

The most important thing is always how to make every travel light and well-prepared: compact! After all this time among all there is a list of logistics that must not be missed and so put in cabin bag, just in case the checked-in luggage arrives late (so far never happening to me, while some colleagues do and did); or there is long flight delay.

In early years I packed a lot although I thought it was still travel light. Gradually the must list got shorter and shorter although still longer compared to some of other colleagues (mostly male), also shorter to others (mostly cosmetic-aware female).

Last night I thought of shortening the list when realising that travel light doesn’t mean turning myself into an extreme backpacker— as much as I want to be a backpacker, the attempt has always failed!

Just like my life…. I want to unload unnecessary emotional burden but I don’t want to lose my emotion quality. No anger? No surprise? No disgust? No fear? No sadness? No happiness?

Without those, what would I be called? A zombie! No, thank you.

Travel safe and light!

Today’s bonus: handsome pilot and co-pilot 😍

cabin bag must list of getting old person (minus all MacBook, iPad and cables and connectors and business cards and house keys) 😛