Woman, Beloved,
Toughness in art of beauty—
Eyes only see skin.

The word “soul” is “nafs” in Arabic, its gender is feminine. It gives me a strong hint that being born as a woman is never a coincidence to me. The feminine quality that is naturally attached to woman is the one grammatically (at least in one oldest language with meticulously accurate vocabulary to attribute meanings), culturally, spiritually attached to the soul too and it should be a good sign that it should not be difficult to sensitively connect to the spirituality rather than to physical (badaniyyun in Arabic) whose original gender is masculine.

Woman, qualifying herself with femininity means strengthening her natural gift and getting closer to the Soul through spirituality.

Weekend is almost over. Next week is physically and intellectually tough. Hope this shallow spirituality can strengthen me in some way.

Welcome, new week! I need to gift you a bucket of alfatihah to calm down. 💝

Women from The Looking Glass, Freydoon Rassouli
Joy Vibrations, Freydoon Rassouli