Likes & Comments (ranting)

One, two, three, four, five,
….. 30%. You happy?
Please like and comment!


Today’s conversation was quite hot. One insisted number of “like” is significant, the other one insisted the other way around. My best friend and I found that we get high number of likes in Instagram when uploading pictures of our latest look. Both of us can get “likes” around 20-25% of number of followers. She does pay attention to it, she even puts a hashtag of “likeforlike”; I don’t always check, not even bother myself to reply to comments except from those who are characteristically honest and accurate; liking comment is good enough. Sorry….

BF: Look! This picture of yours get high number of likes. So you should pose like this. You should wear these earrings. You should comb your hair to the other side.

BF: Hey! Look at my recent picture. People like when I wear this colour.

BF: You have beautiful eyes. Show them to the world!

BF: Why my hair looks like this?

BF: Don’t wear this dress again. Wear the one you bought with me!

Me: “eeekkk!”

Having a good friend who pays attention to my look is a blessing yet giving me goosebump. I feel so loved and reminded to always look perfect yet my thought of how she selects pictures or videos before uploading is rather overwhelming. 😛

BF: Change your profile picture! You look messy!

Me: I’m decent! Not necessarily gorgeous but….

BF: What? Clean, tidy and fragrant? People only use their eyes in Instagram. They don’t care whether you are truly clean and tidy or smell sweet or not! They don’t even care if you are truly happy or not!

Me: I love you so much but please unfollow me…. 😴

BF: &@“)(/#%¥£€><| 🤪😂

Note to myself: Why is this best friend accurate about many people?

best picture to upload! good for everyone’s sight 😍