(Stupid) Weekend

Weekend, Beloved,
When heaven moves to kitchen
Where AirPods are on—

It’s always good to hear from good and best friends especially at weekends in which time feels like unlimited, calls can be done while cooking or cleaning the house. Topics vary from food to rubbish, celebrity to annoying friends, spirituality to sexuality, neighbourhood to social media, history to future, measured dream to dreamy imagination, everything.

This morning a group call stopped abruptly in the middle of a topic “what’s your most interesting experience in social media”.

F1 (friend #1): You all know. We married.

F2 (friend #2): That’s happy. Try again.

F1: Scammer! It was long before this marriage. A guy put a French guy photo uploading activities of the rich handsome guy who was actually not himself and after one month I found that he was from an Asian country trying to get my money. It became a twisted plot when finally I found who he was. He made up stories that he lost his business, he tried many things but could not make it and had no choice but doing what he was doing.

F2: Was it the one you told me?

F1: Yes. You?

Me: I stalked my crush. I thought he played numbers to align with the numbers of my postings, followers and followings until finally I knew he was adjusting his numbers of postings, followers and followings to align with his fiancée’s numbers! 😫

F2: How did you know that she was the fiancée?

Me: Long story short: I found their photos having vacations to many different places every single year with one particular hashtag of their nicknames put together. They’re liking each other’s postings, too. Since then I stopped stalking him. I guess they are secretly married. Why was I so stupid? 😁

F2: Better stupid then knowing you are and so you learn. 🙂 Ok my turn. I watched porn videos.

F1, Me: What?! Where?!

F1: When?!

F2: 😂😂😂😂😂 Prank youuuuu! Of course not! I don’t have interesting experience in social media. I’m too busy with my work. Hey! Why are you both so excited? You want?

F1, Me: No!

F2: I do want.

F1: What? Say that again! I guess you have done it, you just don’t want to admit it! You’re a man and impossible to not watch that kind of videos! Don’t lie!

Me: Hmmm…. Ok, ok. That’s interesting. It’s fine just admit it.

F2: What’s wrong with you, ladies? I’m joking!

F1: (left group call)

Me: Are you there?

F2: (left group call)

Me: (feeling confused and stupid after talking to husband and wife who probably started a fight because of one failed joke)

What a (stupid) weekend! May all beings be happy.

Lesson learnt: plan your joke well esp in front of your wife! 😝

writing is about mixing time, place and characters from real plots 🥰 to tell the truth 🥰 gotcha, gotcha, gotcha!